Sunday, April 29, 2012

Commissioner Offy

I mentioned in a previous post that I had commissioned a couple of pieces to be picked up at the Boston ComicCon. I’m going to show them off here because I’m currently kind of bored with cards and excited about these. I had ordered a 6”x6” mini-painting of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends as well as a Spider-Ham sketch card from Katie Cook. There was some stuff left behind due to a hectic schedule on Katie’s part and some confusion on my part (I forgot what dimensions my mini-painting were supposed to be) and so I currently don’t have any of those commissions to show off. I do have something to show off though:


This mini-painting measures somewhere around 3”x4” and fits perfectly in a team bag which is what I’ve got it in for now. Eventually, I want to pick up a little frame for it.

If you ever find yourself heading to a show that Katie will be at, come up with a list of your favorite super heroes, pop culture characters, cats, etc. and take advantage of her $5 mini paintings. You can’t find a better deal at any convention. Katie’s pack pulled sketch cards sell anywhere between $100 and $400. Heck, many of these mini-paintings are immediately thrown up on eBay and sell for $20-$30 (seems kind of douchey to me). I got this card, my daughter got a cat, and for my wife I grabbed pre-painted Sam Eagle and Edward Scissorhands. Now I also get the added surprise of one day coming home to a surprise of a painting and sketch card from Katie.


I’m still absolutely giddy about this piece here. Last year’s Boston ComicCon was exposure to the work of Stephanie Buscema. It’s got this unique, retro look to it and I love it. We spent some time that year talking to Stephanie about the project that she was promoting at the time, Teenage Satan.

As this year’s ComicCon approached and I started to come up with my plan in regards to getting commissions, Stephanie was at the top of my list. I tossed some ideas around, but it wasn’t until I talked to my wife about using some of my CcomicCon funds and some of our tax refund to splurge on something nice that things really came together.

So, we ended up with this amazing 6th anniversary present to ourselves. Once we get time, we’ll get it framed and it will hang in our dining room. The walls in there are a similar color to the background behind Death so it should look great in there. Who knows, this could be the start of our own personal art collection.


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WOW!!!! That commission from Stephanie is gorgeous. She's got a lot of talent.

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