Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 Topps Launch Day Major Hit


When I picked up my box of 2012 Topps Baseball Jumbos, I grabbed a single pack with the thought in mind that I would pick up a jumbo pack here and there to get myself up to the 14 wrappers needed for a redemption pack. I was pretty excited to find this card in the single pack.

There are 15 Gold Futures cards that come in autographed versions and each of these are numbered to 15. That’s just 225 cards across the whole production run of 2012 Topps. The stated odds are 1:8,875 jumbo packs or 1:148 jumbo cases. Case breaker extraordinaire Brentandbecca opened 60 cases and didn’t pull one of these autographs. (Although, I’m sure he doesn’t mind since he pulled one of the 14 Golden Tickets.)

Hosmer, Belt and Pineda are the big names to chase in this set, but Hellickson is no slouch having won the AL Rookie of the Year last season. The card is currently up on eBay with a three day auction and is the first one to be listed. Wish me luck!


Play at the Plate said...

Good luck! Great pull too with those odds.

Greg Zakwin said...

Good luck!

Offy said...

Thanks! Things are shaping up alright. With two and a half days to go, the opening bid of $9.99 has been met with 10 people watching. I expect that to grow a little bit as the day progresses, but watchers isn't really a telling number any more with all of the apps and sniping websites that people use to do their bidding.

If this one extra pack ends up paying for my box I'll be elated and if it reaches triple digits (yes, I got my jumbo box at a great price) then I'll be ecstatic.

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