Friday, January 6, 2012

Giving and Getting

AndruzziAutoThe New England Patriots held a blood drive sponsored by Bob’s Furniture at Gillette Stadium at the  beginning of December. It was right after I became eligible to donate blood again so I went to give up some blood. I have to say that they did things right. They had things for kids to do while parents donated, tons of giveaways and plenty of snacks to help you recover.

Right before the exit, former Patriot Joe Andruzzi was set up at a table signing autographs. Andruzzi played with the Patriots for five years and was a member of all three Super Bowl Championship teams. More impressive than that, Joe kicked the ass of non-Hodgkin’s Burkitt’s lymphoma.

Joe and his wife had already launched the C.J. Buckley Brain Cancer Research Fund at Children’s Hospital back in 2002. In 2008, they started the Joe Andruzzi Foundation that provides financial assistance for cencer patients and their families as well as fund pediatric brain cancer research.

While waiting in line, it was fun watching Andruzzi interact with the younger kids that were there. He let many wear the Super Bowl ring that he was wearing and was extremely friendly and personable with everyone. Getting the autograph of a three time Super Bowl champ is always a cool thing, but it’s his accomplishments off of the field that make this autographed picture a great part of my collection.

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Fuji said...

great story... it's amazing the impact athletes can have on kids. i took my nephew to grab sharks autographs and he instantly became a fan.

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