Monday, January 9, 2012

Check Out My Bowman Basketball Cards – Finishing Move

Nothing too exciting about these cards except that they finish off my 2009-10 Bowman ‘48 set. The two rookies, DeMar DeRozan and Jordan Hill are serial numbered on the back to 2009 copies (as are all of the rookies) and the Double Post is numbered to 1948 (as are all of the plays).


I was a fan of this set right from the release. The autographed cards were sticker autos, but the checklist was very strong and there were three autographs to a box. I ended up pulling Dwyane Wade, Derek Rose and O.J. Mayo out of my box. Selling the Rose towards the end of his MVP season almost paid for the box on its own. There were blue parallels one per pack (numbered to 1948) and rarer black parallels that fell one per box. Then there were some rarer cards such as red autos (1 of 1), black bordered autographs (numbered to 48), printing plates, auto relics numbered to 1 and 8 and auto dual patch autos there were 1 of 1.

This is one set that I think can retain some decent value. It’s got a limited Blake Griffin rookie and there can only be 1948 complete sets due to the short printed play cards. So, I might be able to put this away with my ‘92 Bowman, ‘93 SP Baseball and ‘94 SP Baseball as the only sets that I own that are actually worth something.


Fuji said...

congratulations on the completion of your set.

i loved this product so much, that i busted a case. i remember i bought it, b/c i wanted to finish the autograph set. boxes were in the $40 range & at three auto/box, i couldn't pass that up.

btw... topps had some amazing collation on this product. my case produced 1 complete regular set (w/rookies & play cards) and 1 complete blue border set. plus i needed just one more rookie & one more play card for a second regular set... and only one more blue card for my second blue border set.

Derek said...

Congrats on finishing!

Play at the Plate said...

Completing anything is great. Congrats!

Offy said...

Fuji - I know that people are tiring of it in baseball, but Topps was doing some great things with retro basketball sets before losing their license. I loved both the Bowman '48 set and Murad. Panini hasn't put out one basketball set that comes anywhere near how close these sets were. I'd rather have a sticker auto dump like Topps Signature than anything that Panini has released. Even the one set that I like, Hall of Fame, has tormented me because of the terrible collation and overabundant redemptions. I've tried using the form on the site, calling and Tweeting Tracy Hackler and still no luck with my Cheryl Miller redemption. Frustrating.

Finding out that you only get around 2 sets per case also makes me think that this set could retain some value in the future.

Derek - Thanks! It's been a while since I've finished a set.

Brian - Thanks! Especially for me. I used to be such a set junkie and these days I rarely finish anything which is frustrating.

Fuji said...

I agree 100%... I liked Panini HOF too... but still have a couple of redemptions I'm waiting on. It's funny that you mention Topps Signature... that's the other product I busted a case of. Can't stand sticker autos, but it was a set that was fun to build, had a great checklist, and was reasonably priced.

Best of luck on getting your Miller auto.

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