Sunday, November 6, 2011

Topps Customer Support

Here’s something that shows that Topps Customer Support isn’t as bad as the person with the faded Jeter autograph is trying to make them out to be. Before I busted my case of Topps Chrome, I purchased two boxes for myself from my local card shop and the two boxes were almost exact duplicates of each other. Yes, it sucked, but I did get everything that I paid for. I let Topps know about it mostly venting and to let them know that it’s something less than ideal for collectors. Well, without my even asking, Topps sent me some free product because of this. It wasn’t anything like a full box of cards, but it was more than they sent out for the Jeter autograph. See, this problem was something that was their fault while the faded Jeter auto was not their fault at all. Hell, once time all I did was send them back someone else’s cards that they sent me in error and I was sent around $30 in packs for my time/shipping cost. So, until they do me wrong, I’ll defend Topps’ customer support when they’re wrongly attacked.


Fuji said...

Glad to hear that Topps customer service is taking care of you... it's probably why they're making MLB and NFL cards, while UD is still trying to figure out what to do about my Joe Montana redemption.

Michael Travers said...

Topps has always been good to me. Upper Deck has been alright as well, but you have to keep after them. Panini is the worst. I'm trying to get a replacement for my Cheryl Miller auto redemption since there's no way that card will ever show up and I'm not getting any kind of response from them by website, email or phone. It really sucks.

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