Monday, October 31, 2011

Topps Chrome Team Sets

Just gauging interest here. I have one set remaining of this year's Topps Chrome baseball. If I were to bust it up into team sets, how many people would be interested? I'd have to get interest from 5 or 6 people before I went ahead of busted the set. The starting point for sets would be $2, but I'd have to do some adjusting up and down on a few teams. Obviously any teams with notable rookies (Hosmer for example) would be a little higher. The handful of teams that aren't well represented in this set would go for around a dollar.

Since I just sent some packages out to people, I can hold on to this until I have something more to send to you if you're interested. I don't want you to make the USPS rich.

So, let me know if you're interested and if enough people are, I'll start figuring out individual prices.


Tunguska said...

I'll put in for Cubs and Blue Jays.

Anonymous said... already knew this, though

daddyohoho said...

I would take the Phils and the Nats.


Fuji said...

I'd be interested in the Oakland A's & San Francisco Giants... not really for my own collection, but they'd make cool classroom prizes.

AdamE said...

I would be interested in Red Sox and maybe Diamondbacks.

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