Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So, when people such as myself and I Am Joe Collector speak out about our dissatisfaction in regards to redemption cards, most people reply with, "Too bad, you knew they were expired. The company owes you nothing."

A story comes out about a collector who had a Jeter autograph fade on a 1999 Topps HD card and suddenly Topps is responsible for replacing the faded autograph 12 years after the release date even though there are plenty of examples of this card in perfect condition. There's no mention of how this person stored the card or what kind of protection he used. It's really laughable how people are responding to this. To me, it's the equivalent of asking a company to replace a card that you drop and damage 10 years after pulling it out of a pack. Then again, I think that companies should keep redemption cards for a minimum of 5 years if not indefinitely so what do I know.


G_Moses said...

That's funny. Maybe UD will replace a couple of cards my kids got a hold of once upon a time too. Redemptions and damage are two different animals. I have several autographs, none of them see the light of day for more than five minutes at a time.

People need to use some common sense.

Play at the Plate said...

I acually lost some cards I had as a kid. I'm pretty sure there were at least two '52 Mantles. Maybe they can replace them too! Just kidding, but I agree with you on the redemption cards. At least 5 years would be a good start.

Fuji said...

Damn... I was just about to forget the Montana autograph I never received from UD. Thanks for the reminder that I'll probably never receive anything for the case hit I pulled. I think I'm starting to resent UD!

Offy said...

It's definitely time to give them a call again. It took me two tries, but once I talked to someone on the phone and gave them examples of Michael Johnson autographs selling online, I ended up with a ridiculously cool Paul Pierce on-card auto for my collection. They should be able to help you out. Since a lot of their products are stickers these days, they might be having trouble matching a Montana on-card auto. Just ask them for a Jordan auto and see what they say.

If they can't help you out, reach out to Chris Carlin. Your redemption card fell within the window of cards that they were honoring so you shouldn't have to listen to the spiel that I did when I talked to him. He should be able to assist you if Customer Service can't.

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