Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quick and Dirty Case Recap

Most importantly, I had a lot of fun busting this case. The colored parallels keep things fresh with a smaller sized set. If you were only chasing the autos there's no way it would be as fun of a break. It was the same colored refractors that really came through in some boxes. There will be plenty of the base cards, base refractors and base autos, but anything with a serial number on it caries a decent premium especially if it is 100 or lower.

Cases have dropped in price a little since I purchased this, but the selling price of the cards has gone down  as well. This set is pretty loaded. The only thing that would make me concerned if I had been holding onto these cards is that there's an awful lot of pitchers in the autograph set.

Here's a quick recap of how each box has done so far:

Box 1 was highlighted by the Jeter Heritage Refractor (4.99), Pineda Auto Refractor (20.00) and USA Redemption Auto Refractor (50.00). That's $74.99 so far so I've come out ahead on this box.

Box 2 was highlighted by the David Wright Heritage Black Refractor (28.00) and Trumbo Auto (10.00). That's $38.00 so I'm down on that box. Once I sell off the last two sets ($25 delivered if anyone is interested), the vintage insert set and more refractors/inserts, this number will increase. I'll do another update one the next two batches of auctions end.

Box 3 contained the Damon Red Refractor (11.00) and the Cashner Sepia Auto (9.99). $20.99 won't cut it to break even for this box.

Box 4 had the Brandon Belt Auto (13.38) and that made for a weak box.

Box 5 didn't really have anything of note. Ouch.

Box 6 was highlighted by the Mickey Mantle Atomic Refractor (20.00) and the Matt Young Printing Plate (10.00). $30.00 for two cards isn't bad, but not enough to break even.

Box 7 only had the Matt Cain Gold Refractor which sold for $7.50. Another rough box.

Box 8 has only had the Matt Cain Heritage Black Refractor sell for $15.50 so far. Still some work to be done there.

Box 9 was a little bit of a rebound with the Berkman Gold Refractor (25.29) and Pineda Auto (17.50). So far that's $42.79. It's not enough to cover the box yet, but it should be in the clear once all is said and done.

Box 10 had a couple of Braves hurlers with the Minor Blue Refractor Auto (9.99) and Kimbrel Auto (23.04) for a total of $33.03. Not shabby and it should be fine once more stuff is sold.

Box 11 has only had one card sell from it so far, but it was the top card in the case. The Brent Morel Red Refractor Auto sold for $50.00.

Box 12 was by far the most loaded box in the case. The final box had a Mickey Mantle Refractor (3.00), Belt Red Refractor (33.54), Cashner Sepia Refractor (4.99) and USA Redemption Auto (40.00). The $81.53 that this box brought in was the best total for a box.

I'm calling Box 13 the handful of cards from the two boxes that I opened before this case that I swapped for the Red Sox that I'm keeping and the set that I'll hold on to for myself. Those cards include a Jason Heyward Black Refractor (7.54), Sandoval Gold Refractor (9.84), Freeman Sepia Refractor (9.99) and Eduardo Nunez Auto (6.32). That's a $33.69 contribution there.

So, not too shabby so far. Of course, eBay and PayPal will take their piece of the pie, but I still think that I will do pretty well when all is said and done.

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