Saturday, October 22, 2011

Let's Get Ready To Update

So, the case is all busted and the dust has cleared. Chrome was such a fun break the last time around, how does this compare? Not well at all. It's kind of a chore digging through the jumbo packs for the inserts in the middle. It still took over 10 minutes to open each box of just 10 packs and that was with me barely talking about the cards or players. Not my idea of a fun break to watch.

It looks like I should end up with 6 full sets at the least. If the extras from each box work out well then maybe I can eek out a 7th. If anyone is interested in a set, I'm thinking that they'll be somewhere around $25 a set delivered. Shipping gets pretty hefty on these sets since 330 cards are pretty heavy so that works out to something around $15 for the set and $10 for shipping. As always, if you were to buy a set and anything else it would be shipped along with the set for free.

If all of the sets aren't spoken for, what I will probably do is break one up for team sets. I'm thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of $2-$3 for each team depending on how many people are interested in team sets. The multiplayer cards might make things a little rough, but I'll figure things out.

I've got lots and lots of cognac, gold and diamond parallels that will be available. Discounts will be available for multiple purchases as well as one shipping price (2.50) for everything.

The most frustrating thing about this break is that a few of the better inserts came out of the packs damaged. So, I've got to send these off to Topps and wait a month or so for them to come back and hope that people are still looking for these cards when they come back.

The other frustrating thing is that I got hit with the Topps hit shortage that seems to pop up in almost every product. (In other news, my 5-year old got a job offer from Topps' pack-out facility.) You know it's not a run-of-the-mill insert that failed to end up in your box, but that's what Topps is going to send you. There's no way they send you a patch or anything like that.

I've still got a little more scanning to do which may not take place until next week. I work all this weekend and straight through until Wednesday. I almost ended up with a 4-day weekend next weekend, but they we were told that we've got a meeting on Sunday so there goes that.

Drop your player/team/set requests here if there's anything you're sure that you want. I'll start setting them aside before I even post the box breaks if you do. Once I start posting the box breaks, if there's anything you see just post right there.

Thanks in advance for checking it out.


night owl said...

I'd be interested in a Dodger team set, even though I'm only about 5 cards away from it myself. I'd also be interested in Dodger parallels, especially the cognac. If you'd rather just send a lump of cognac, regardless of team, I could do that, depending on cost.

arpsmith said...

I am very interested in the Giants parallels, gold, black, cognac, hope - I only have a few of each right now. I also typically build all the insert sets and only have 1 Jumbo box and a few packs of inserts. As for base, I think I only need 3-4 Giants so if we work out another deal and you have some extras maybe we can include those in the deal.

Let me know how you plan to handle the inserts and I can send you my log need list if they are up for sale.

Thanks, Adam

Play at the Plate said...

Anything Rangers other than base would interest me.

Derek said...

I'm looking for the braves stuff

TheBrooklynMet said...

I could go for some Mets parallels and/or inserts.

Offy said...

Finished collating the inserts and I didn't get any complete insert sets which is disappointing. I think I'm going to chase the Kimballs for myself since I'm only 5 cards away which means there are 15 available that I will post. All of the other inserts that aren't Red Sox will most likely be available as well.

I'm going to start plowing through the parallels to see what I have available for each team and will let all of you know what I have. Once I get the time, the box breaks posts will start to go up and I'll collate the other 5-6 sets.

daddyohoho said...

I would be interested in any phils inserts parallels team set etc.



TheBrooklynMet said...

If you end up doing the team sets, I'd be interested in either the Cards or Rangers base team set (whichever wins the series).

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