Saturday, October 29, 2011

Case Break: 2011 Topps Update: Box 6

The Chrome case ended with a bang, let's see how the Update case does.


Daaaaaaaaaaaryl! Daaaaaaaaaaaryl!


Hosmer and Cobb highlight the diamond parallels from this box.


Lots of stars here perfect for team and player collections.


I was a little disappointed in the collation of the insert cards. I would have liked to have gotten closer to sets. Now I see why busting multiple cases is the way to go. I won’t be doing that though.


Next year: Topps Terrific Trios, it’s a game changer!


Now to track down the Kimballs that I need for series 1 and 2. Still hope to bust a jumbo box of each.


A nice batch of young stars here, but they’re ToppsTown so no one cares.


Julio Teheran hot box! The nameplate has been claimed, but the autograph is still up for grabs. The Lester is going into my collection, but I may have to send it in to Topps for replacement first. It’s got two soft corners. Any Yankees or Noesi fans out there? I’ve got a ton of Noesi stuff available from this and Chrome. The Cobb is nice and I always liked the silk cards. I’ve got a few of the Murad silks in my collection.



Anonymous said...

If you could add the Mick to my next pile please should ahve your package going out on monday

Michael Travers said...

Wicked - Was the package mailed? Hasn't arrived here yet so I'm hoping that you haven't been able to mail it yet.

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