Friday, October 28, 2011

Case Break: 2011 Topps Update: Box 1

So, after a delay of a day and lame excuses from UPS, the case finally arrived and I got to break it. This was a beast of a break. It’s just a ton of cards and it’s going to be a lot of work to make back the money from this case. I think I’ll need to stick to things like Chrome and Finest in the future.


There’s no way that I was going to scan all of the Cognac Liquorfractors from each box. Here’s a random sampling of 9 for your viewing pleasure. If there are any particular players that you’re interested in, you can see if I pulled him in the video or drop me an email and I’ll let you know.


Three series in and these cards still look great. The pictures really pop off of the sparkly background. It’s easy to see why they’ve been so popular even though there’s no serial numbering of any sort.


I think the gold parallels have finally run their course. Serial numbering this high doesn’t mean a thing and at this point these cards have just become pack filler. People are chasing the unnumbered Diamond parallels more than these.


These aren’t terrible looking cards, but they haven’t grabbed my attention either. It’s a given these days that Topps is going to load up the flagship set with a ton of insert sets. It’s true of all of the sports. The mix of legends, veterans and prospects makes this set an interesting one.


Another thing that you’re going to see in Topps flagship sets are insert cards with two players on them. The pairings don’t always make sense and it’s strange when Topps seems to pair up players based on religion, but that’s Topps for ya.


This is the only insert set that I’m going to complete and keep in my collection. I love what Topps did with these cards. The complete set has a great checklist as well.


The ToppsTown cards are actually kind of tough to come by in this set. You get either a Duos or ToppsTown card in each pack. The Duos set is 30 cards and the ToppsTown set is 50 cards so this is a tough set to complete. You don’t even get enough cards in a case to do it.


Here’s the hits from the box. I think I still have Sale autos form the Chrome break. If so, maybe they’ll sell together in a lot. The Belt Black Parallel numbered to 60 is a nice pull. Serial numbered Yankees are always nice since there’s always interest and the Molitor is just a great looking card.


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G_Moses said...

The Belt card is probably your most expensive card in there, and that's not a knock on the box. But Belt's going to have a huge upside and he seems to have quite the following since HBO did their season with the Giants this year. Hell, even I rooted for the kid after seeing that show.

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