Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Defacing US Currency

One of the many things that I collect are pressed pennies. They’re great mementos of places that you’ve visited and are very inexpensive as far as souvenirs go (unless you are in Disney World where they are at least 100 pennies - .51¢ x 100 = $51). I had a four-day weekend to celebrate my birthday and decided to spend one of the days traveling around Boston with my daughter collecting some new pressed pennies.


16 new pressed pennies for the collection from three different locations. We started off at a new machine at the TD Garden. According to the Penny Collector website, the machine was first spotted in July, but I had no clue that it existed until now. I cranked out a Celtics penny, two Bruins pennies and a Boston: City of Champions penny there.

The next stop was Faneuil Hall where they’ve got two machines. The first one pressed JFK, New England Patriots (not the football team), Boston and Faneuil Hall. The second had a very cool penny commemorating David Ortiz becoming the all-time Red Sox HR leader along with a Red Sox penny, John Adams and another Faneuil Hall penny.

Our final stop was South Station to use a machine we discovered while eating Cheeseboy there before the Weezer concert. That machine was in rough shape. The crank was tough to turn and the pennies didn’t press all that well. You can still see the Lincoln Memorial on the Boston Skyline penny. The other pennies were Paul Revere, Boston Tea Party and a Go BoSox penny with Wally sliding headfirst into a base.

Tuesday, I’ll be adding some pennies from Fenway Park to the collection since I’ve got tickets to the game. There is a Patriots penny at the Patriot Place Bass Pro Shop that I’d like to add to the collection at some point.

Anyone else out there collect pressed pennies? What are some of your most recent additions or all-time favorite pieces?



Reivax said...

Cool to see someone else who collects squished pennies! I have a little box full of them, haven't cleaned them up as nice as yours look. Some from Disneyland, the Alamo, Independence Hall, Texas State Aquarium in Corpus, Navy Pier and Field Museum in Chicago, and a bunch of others. I like to just get them out once in a while and look through it and remember the vacation that led to it.

Reivax said...

I think my favorite is one I got at the Houston Rodeo, a bucking bronc, and it's a nice clean press, centered and pretty! I always seem to have dirty old pennies with me when I come across a machine, but this time I had brand new shiny ones, lol.

Guy said...

I used to collect those as a kid. But I'm on the West Coast here, so if I find a machine, I'll be sure to squash some for you and send them your way.

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