Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Case Break: 2011 Topps Chrome Baseball: Box 11



Ian Kinsler is the refractor and the rest are base. All of these are available.


All of these are available.


My favorite boxes are the ones with the better refractor parallels. I love both the Sepia and Black parallels. The Atomics look cool as well. All three of these are available.


I was a little bummed to see that it was Brent Morel on the card when I pulled a red refractor auto card (numbered to 25), but it ended up selling for $50 on eBay so I can’t complain at all. The Nunez sold for $6.32 so that pretty much takes care of the box right there. When you consider one third of a set from the case cards ($10) and 12% of the Vintage set ($3.75) and then whatever the other singles from this box might sell for and this box will pay for itself and pick up the slack of another box.


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Play at the Plate said...

Add the Kins to my Rangers stack and I'll start working on financing for the deal!

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