Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Case Break: 2011 Topps Chrome Baseball: Box 12



So long non-vintage vintage inserts. At least this box produced two Sox. I’ll have to pick up copies for my own collection though.


Lookie here, it’s the same exact two Red Sox players again. You definitely can’t complain about pulling two inserts of Big Papi and Pedroia. Cano is a refractor. Both Kemp and Cano are available (unless Night Owl wants the Kemp).


Another insert set, another Kemp. You know the drill.


Holy Schnikies did this box ever deliver. The red Belt /25 sold for $33.54 and the Cashner Sepia sold for $9.99 (paired with a standard refractor). We haven’t even gotten to the autos yet and this box has almost already paid for itself. The Bautista and Rasmus are available.


And behind door number 12…a zonk. The Revere is a refractor and he’s having a great final month of the season, but there isn’t a huge demand for his cards. Noesi, more like no sell. Oh well, good thing this box had those great refractors in it. That’s what I really like about this product, you’ve got so many chances to pull big cards. The Black Heritage refractors go for good money, the /99 and /100 refractors do well if you’ve got the right player and the /50 and /25 can do well for almost anyone. Combine that with the fact that there’s a very good rookie auto crop this year and you’ve got a great product for busting.

RedemptionWell, there you go. No wait, there’s one more card that has to be posted:

This is the redemption card for the standard autographed cards. This card sold for $40 on eBay. 3 to 4 years from now, that could be a steal or it could be a bust. To me, it just means another overachieving box. Pretty cool that redemption pulls bookended the case in box 1 and box 12. Those were both huge pulls.

Thanks for following along. I’m going to get a case recap up which includes how each individual box has done as far as sales go. I had a lot of fun busting this though and feel like I did very well. Thanks for following along.



night owl said...

Yup, I'll take both Kemps.

Play at the Plate said...

No Rangers...but you did pretty good pulling them in this case!

Guy said...

I've been following the pulls and some of your ebay stuff. You really didn't do too poorly here. There were some great boxes in there. And it looks like a fun product to break.

I can't believe the Pineda stuff didn't sell for more. Really though, once Seattle loses him, his RC autos are going to skyrocket. He could easily be the sort to wind up as a #2 in NYY or BOS. Seattle isn't smart enough to build around Hernandez and Pineda. Someday somebody is going to snag that kid and ride his rocket to the bank.

What were we talking about here? Oh yeah. Great case break.

Offy said...

I was extremely happy with the case. It was really fun to bust, I got a good number of cards for myself and got some nice stuff to sell on eBay to get my closer to picking up my next case.

This card started off a little lower to begin with since people seem to prefer the Bowman auto since it was first. The lower numbered Pinedas are going for good money, but the base and refractor aren't all that high at the moment.

Anonymous said...

You're a 9/11 birthday, too, huh? Well HBD!

If there isn't a big demand for Revere, then you haven't asked me! Is it for trade? I have several Sox cards floating around here...

Offy said...

Yep, there seem to be a lot of 9/11 birthdays within the sports blogging community. I also saw a ton of them on the Blowout Cards September birthday giveaway thread. If they pick that date they're going to have to go to a big tie-breaker.

I have to admit, I was pretty wrong about Revere. I was completely ignorant of his late season hot stretch leading off for the Twins, but it hasn't boosted the selling price of his cards too much.

Generally, I try not to trade the cards from the case breaks or else I end up having to cover too much of the cost out of my own pocket. I was going to re-list the refractor auto along with a regular auto and the base refractor for $5 plus $2.50 shipping and if you want the trio of cards for that, I'll send them off to you. If not, I have an extra copy of the base auto that I pulled out of my boxes that I'd be more than happy to trade. Let me know.

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