Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Masterpiece In Canvas

I was approached recently by Easy Canvas Prints to try out their product and give my opinion of it. I jumped at the opportunity since we really haven’t done anything with the wall space in this new house in the almost two years that we’ve been here. I discussed things with my wife as far as the image selection and we both immediately agreed that it had to be a picture from Walt Disney World.

Disney has been a magical place for me all of my life. I was lucky enough to go twice as a child. It became an even more magical place in 2001 when a simple, post-birthday trip became as therapeutical as it was fun. That year, my birthday became synonymous with the biggest terror attack ever on US soil. I had to fly out of Rhode Island to get to Florida, but it was worth it and it led to an amazing week of fun. Now, I try to get to Disney in September whenever I can. I went there with my wife for our honeymoon and I’ve been lucky enough to treat my daughter to the magic twice already. So, printing up a picture from Disney was a no-brainer.

The first image that popped into my head was a picture of my daughter and Marie from Aristocats walking hand-in-hand from her first trip to The World when she was two, but the image that won out was a family image from Epcot that was taken on our last trip by one of the amazing PhotoPass photographers that Disney employs.

Picture 5

This picture of the print isn’t the best quality, but it gives you the best idea of the picture that was used. This is an 8” x 10” print. Once you choose the size of your print, you get to choose the thickness of the wrap depending on whether or not you plan on framing the print. The next step is uploading your image. The website will let you know if you have uploaded a high enough resolution picture. The next step is choosing what kind of borders you will have. You can choose from a mirror image border, image wrap or a colored border. Again, this decision will be dictated by what you plan on doing with the print once you receive it. The final step involves adding optional effects and image retouching. There’s a live preview of what your canvas print is going to look like to aid you in the design process.

The image quality of this print is amazing. For those of you who are card collectors, the canvas that this is printed on makes this look a lot like Masterpieces cards and that’s definitely a good thing. It definitely has the appearance of a painted picture and looks really sharp.


With all of the health stuff, natural disasters and life in general going on lately, we haven’t had a chance to hang the picture yet, but it still looks great sitting on our mantle.


I’m very happy that I was given this opportunity. This piece is going to look amazing in our living room. When the time comes to give the extra special treatment to another picture, I definitely think that this is the way to go.


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I finally ordered one. About a month ago I got the same offer.

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