Saturday, July 30, 2011

When Expired Redemption Cards Don’t Suck

I know that you’ve all had to put up with my redemption cards rants back when I opened my case of Masterpieces. It’s mostly due to the fact that one of those redemptions cards was for a $50 and once expired was just an ugly looking piece of paper with an area to be scratched off. What if that wasn’t the case?


Check out this beauty from 1994 Pinnacle Baseball. This card could have been redeemed for a Stan Javier Museum Collection card. I’m not sure if I forgot to send this in, pulled it after the expiration or liked the card and decided to keep it this way (this is so much cooler than a Dufexed Stan Javier and you know it). How cool would it be if all redemption cards looked this cool?

Card manufacturers seem to be just fine with collectors pulling worthless, expired redemption cards from packs so why not make them a little more pleasing to the eye so that it’s not just going to get pitched into the trash. How about a picture of the player that the redemption is for? It’ll never happen because it’s all about keeping the cost of production as low as possible, but it’s a nice idea.

As far as the conditions of the redemption card, check it out:

  • You had to write your name and address on the back of the card (which was glossy) and then physically mail it in.
  • The redemption card expired on December 31st, 1994. I’m not sure of the release date of the set, but that was less than a year. Imagine if card companies tried that these days?
  • You didn’t get this card returned to you. Pinnacle took the time to make the redemption card nice, applied Dufex to it and then you don’t get it back. They should have punched a hole in it or stamped it and returned it to the collector.

This card makes me wonder what the circumstances might have been that caused this card not to be included in the packout. It’s not the only card either. There are three or four other cards that were also redemptions. I’ve got to think that these would be pretty rare. Collectors didn’t participate in a lot of mail-in offers in the 90s even when it was for things like autographed Roger Clemens and Alex Rodriguez jumbo cards. I blame the 1992 Topps Gold Winners.


G_Moses said...

Good to see you posting again!

Redemptions are just horrible nowadays. Really just a filler card with a sideways put on sticker with the ever present exp date on it.

The only hope we have for redemptions at this point is if they stop putting them in products at all.

Offy said...

Thanks. Things have been hectic as of late. My daily routine consisted of work, dinner, fall asleep while watching TV due to being so worn out from work. We've got a sales tax free weekend coming up here in Massachusetts so things are going to be crazy busy for the next couple of weeks. When I found that redemption card while digging through some stuff, I knew that I had to write up something about it.

Fuji said...

That is a cool redemption card... I wonder why they only had redemptions for five of these parallels. Either way... cool PC item... even if it's a dreaded redemption card.

Btw... I didn't know you got screwed by a Masterpiece case too. Bummer... I guess we're part of an elite club.

Offy said...

Yeah, I bought a case of 2007 and pulled a redemption card for a Ken Griffey Jr autographed box topper. Personally, I think that redemption cards should be good for 5 years at least, but it's a slap in the face when they won't redeem a card that they are sending out a replacements. The only reason to have an expiration date is so you don't have to hold on toe the cards forever, but if you still have them then why not make a collector happy?

You pulled a Montana auto redemption right? Did anything ever come of that?

Fuji said...

Sorry to hear about the expired Griffey redemption. They didn't even offer a replacement? Yeah, mine was a Joe Montana. They've already told me he never signed the card... but offered a replacement (which I've yet to receive). They said it could take 8 to 12 weeks... and that was 3 or 4 weeks ago... so we'll see.

Bet of luck in getting your Griffey... an autographed box topper would definitely be sweet... and I totally agree with you on expired redemptions.

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