Tuesday, July 5, 2011

There’s a Snake In My Boots


It’s always a great thing when two of my interests collide. Collecting Pixar trading cards is a no-brainer. I had already purchased a box of each of the earlier Upper Deck Disney releases, but I didn’t go as all out on any of them as I did this one.

The coolest part of these sets were the Reel Piece of History cards. These cards contained frames from copies of the film that were used in theaters. You can see the soundtrack and sprockets right there on the film strip. Most cards contained two frames from the film, but there were rarer versions that contained four frames.

I have a daily search set up for these things on eBay. Most of the time when they get listed, it’s for too much and they don’t sell. This card was listed for and sold for .99¢ plus $2.00 shipping. That’s a bargain that’s tough to beat.

I tried scanning this with the scanner open so that some light could get through the film, but it wasn’t quite bright enough. If you look closely, you can see the scene that is depicted though. These frames are from the scene where Woody first meets Buzz and Buzz responds by trying to shoot Woody with his laser. Can’t complain about a card with both Buzz and Woody pictured.


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