Sunday, July 3, 2011

I Finally Got One!

While last year’s Million Card Giveaway was fun and had some good prizes available, there wasn’t all that much to chase. I was happy trading other teams for Sox cards and added some nice vintage cards to my collection. This year’s Diamond Giveaway is completely different though. There are die cut diamond and die cut black diamond parallels that are only available through the website and there aren’t a ton of either version available at the moment.

I’ve yet to purchase a box of either series of Topps that’s been released so far and due to that, I don’t have too many codes. From retail purchases, I think I’ve entered 12 or 13 codes. I’ve been lucky enough to redeem some big names in the 70s, but after trying unsuccessfully to make some trades for Red Sox cards from similar years, I started to get frustrated with the site. I was reading blog post after blog post about people who have redeemed multiple die cut cards wondering when my time would come.

Yesterday, I ran out to the card shop near my home because I needed some penny sleeves. While I was there, I grabbed some packs of series 2 and pulled one more code card. I brought up the website, entered my code and… redeemed a Davey Lopes 1974. I had been throwing offer after offer at a Big Papi die cut card with no luck. I decided to add the Lopes to OrtizDieCutthe mix and sent the offer out again. This time I got a taker.

So, in return for a 1973 Jeff Burroughs, 1974 Davey Lopes, 1975 Dave Concepcion, 1976 Jim Holt, 1978 Bert (or Bert if you believe the Topps website) Blyleven and 1979 Butch Wynegar I got a David Ortiz die cut of which there are only 250 copies at this point. I now only have 9 cards in my account with nothing older than 1980, but I’ve got a great card that will go into my player collection. I’ll eventually pick up a box of series 2 and the update series as well and hopefully I’ll either hit another die cut to trade or redeem some other good cards that I can flip more Red Sox die cut cards. I’d like to at least acquire the Lester and Buchholz cards.



Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a lot of good '70s stuff to give up, but congrats on getting ahold of a die-cut! I must be the only blogger without one now. :(

Anonymous said...

LOL, nevermind. I just pulled a Gaby Sanchez Die-Cut with my last code, literally 30 seconds ago.

Offy said...

Yeah, I've got some amazing offers for the Ortiz already. Someone offered three '61 commons.

I look at the opportunity cost of this card. These die cuts are going for big money on eBay at the moment. I figure that when all is said and done, there will only be around 1,000 of the die cut cards available. Once the program ends after a year, that's it for cards available. I can always pick up these vintage cards if I want them and in the condition that Topps is most likely sending them out in, it wouldn't cost me more than $10.

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