Friday, May 13, 2011

You Gotta Know When To Hold 'Em

Know when to sell them on eBay.

The card in question: 2009-10 Bowman '48 Derrick Rose autographed card. Rose's cards are selling extremely high right now with his MVP Award, NBA All-First Team Award and deep playoff run. I think this might be the time to sell this card (as well as the Dwyane Wade auto from the same set). I don't know if Rose's non-rookies will climb much higher. I checked the gold refractor that I sold a few months ago and it is still selling for around the same price. Would you sell this card now or would you wait a couple of weeks to see if Wade can add an NBA Championship to his resume?


Fuji said...

Great question... I'd say sell right now. But then again... I have no interest in dumping mine (but that's because they're part of my set).

It's pretty insane how expensive this product has jumped up in the last 18 months. I bought a 12 box case of this stuff in October 2009 for $530 from Atlanta Sports... which breaks down to $44.17/box. DA currently has this stuff for $123/box... Blowout has them for $119... and eBay has them at $105 (w/free shipping) or $99.95 (w/$10.95 shipping).

What I find even more insane are the Bill Walton autographs. I had a helluva time finding his autograph... but once I did, they started popping up all over the place. I grabbed three (not sure exactly what I paid, but I think the first was in the $50 range... but the other two were in the $20 to $30 range. Last week I noticed they were SP's... and Beckett lists them at $150. I know that people rarely get full Beckett, but still... I'm happy to find out that they're SP's people will need when building their sets.

Bowman 48 was definitely one of my best case busts... and one of the few things I don't have any regrets with (along with my 08/09 Topps Signature case break).

Offy said...

I ended up listing it on eBay. I have a hard time resisting the sale of a card when it sells for more than what I paid for the box. I like Derrick Rose, but in the long run, when I look at the card itself, it doesn't do anything for me. It's been way too long since I've busted a box of something and this card will help me break the drought. If it were a hard signed card, I would have thought about keeping it for a lot longer.

I do love the 48 Bowman set though and really need to pick up the last few cards to finish the set. The fact that every single Griffin rookie is serial numbered is huge and there aren't going to be a heck of a lot of complete sets out there.

I wish that I was busting cases when this stuff was so low because I would have definitely grabbed a case of this. I felt it was a severely overlooked product for what was in it.

Anything with good Griffin rookies in it has jumped insanely. Topps jumbos are insane because they're loaded. Pulled the Griffin McDonald's All-American autograph out of mine and flipped it quick ot more than pay for the box. If I had held onto the card, he would have been the next Greg Oden. I was happy when it sold and the fact that it goes for 4 times as much currently can't change that.

You liked Signature? I bought one pack, pulled a Shaq and sold it and that was it for me. It seemed to be loaded since Topps was getting rid of a lot of signatures, but I just didn't have the cash at the time. I still have a Spud Webb that Topps sent me as a replacement for a Murad card that was never produced. I need to pick up the Celtics from that set at some point, but they don't sell that cheaply even if there's a lot of copies of that particular card.

Fuji said...

I have a few extra Bowman 48 singles laying around... let me know which ones you need... although I don't have any extra rookies or sp playbook cards. Topps actually had perfect collation in that product... and one case produced 2 regular sets w/rookies & playbook sp's... and 2 blue bordered parallel sets... along with a bunch of regular base sets.

If I ever start doing TTM's... I think the Bowman 48 set would be pretty nice with hard signed autographs... plus it doesn't have any gloss to it.

Topps Signature was one of those love it or hate it products. I liked the challenge of building an autograph set at an affordable price. Ironically... the Shaq auto was the last one I needed. I originally though it was the J.J. Hickson, but when I finally picked it up... I headed over to Beckett and noticed that there was a Shaq auto too (that wasn't listed in the original sell sheet Topps had).

Offy said...

It looks like I need 105, 108, 113, 116 and 120. I think they're all rookies and game plans though. I think I'll go and check on SportLots for these right now so I can wrap this one up.

Fuji said...

Yeah... they're all numbered cards. Sorry I couldn't be of any help. By the way... I did end up trading for a bunch of masterpieces. Are you still building that set? If so... shoot me your updated wantlist and I'll let you know what I have.

Derek said...

I would have done what you did, sell!

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