Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sometimes Sorry Does the Job

One of the cards that I pulled from my Panini Basketball Hall of Fame busting spree was a redemption card for Cheryl Miller. Every now and then I’ll check into the Panini website to see if there’s been an update that I may have missed. I did so the other day and there wasn’t any new news so I sent a message to investigate into what I could possibly get as a replacement if I decided to stop waiting for the Miller card.

While on the site, I remembered that I had sent in a Chris Kaman autographed card that I pulled from some packs of Studio that I purchased one day on my lunch break. I checked in on that card and was surprised to find that it had been about 4 months since I had sent in the card to be replaced. So, I sent in a message checking in on the status of the card and asking why it had taken so long since I had sent cards in for replacement in the past and they had been returned very quickly. (I also jokingly told them that they could just send me a Blake Griffin auto as a replacement if they no longer had the Chris Kaman card since they’re both on the same team so it seemed like a decent replacement. I’ve worked in Customer Service and it’s a thankless job most of the time. I figured I’d try to make whoever was reading my question chuckle.) This is the response that I got:

I apologized for the wait and delay in responses to emails and voice mails . The Customer Service department has undergone big changes in the process of moving buildings.Unfortunately the same card is not available for replacement and found another card with a little higher value than your damaged card from the same team to replaced your damaged card along with some packs for the wait and inconvenience. This replacement card is ready to go out today. We appreciate your patience and understanding in advance. Thank you and have a great day.

I had completely forgotten about Panini’s change of address even though I read all of the posts about it in their blog. Even if they had just explained about the move and said sorry, I would have been fine with that. Panini went above and beyond though and along with the replacement card will be sending some packs. How cool is that?

I also find it hilarious that because of my joke I will be getting a card of another Clipper as a replacement for the Kaman auto. If this had been a chore like getting a replacement from Upper Deck, I’d be annoyed about not getting a Celtic as a replacement. In this situation, I don’t mind a bit. I know that there’s no way that I’m getting a Blake Griffin, but it will be interesting to see who I do get. I’m not sure if I could even name another Clipper at this moment.

A Quick Google Later: I completely forgot Ryan Gomes was on the Clippers now. I loved Gomes when he was in Boston. The Celtics could have used him this season, that’s for sure. Jamario M-O-O-N (that spells basketball) is on the team as well.

Kudos Panini Customer Support for a job well done.


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