Saturday, May 7, 2011

1999 Topps Stars: Piazza Constellation

One great thing about people busting up cases or collections is that you can sometimes grab a group of cards together that would sometimes be a pain to gather individually. This was a good example of that.


I’m not sure if this person busted a lot of Topps Stars or decided that they weren’t going to collect Piazza any longer, but I was happy to add this small stack of cards to my collection. The Super Novas card is an insert and the other five cards are all different variations of the base card. At the top left is the base version of the base card. Below that is the one star version. Continuing counterclockwise, you see the two star, three star, and four star versions. The picture gets closer and closer in each and the background changes a little. There are also different colored foils used on the cards from bronze to silver, gold, silver holofoil and gold holofoil. It’s cool to see the cards all together. If only these parallels were serial numbered then this constellation might rival a Masterpieces rainbow.


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