Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I’m one of those people for whom nostalgia has a huge part of why I’m in the hobby. I’ve been collecting since I was a kid and just love ripping open wax packs. When card companies give a nod to the history of the hobby, I almost always get sucked in. Sometimes more dramatically than others. This is one of those extreme situations.


2005 Leaf Sportscasters! I definitely remember the cards that these are based on and while I never owned any, I love the fact that Donruss revisited this set for a modern day insert set. Since it’s a Donruss release, that means that it is loaded with all kinds of parallels. There are different colors and icons that are numbered to different amounts. I’ve picked up some singles at card shows, on COMC and this lot came from eBay.

I found these cards because the seller listed the Piazza on eBay and advertised combined shipping so I looked at their other auctions and that’s where I found the other three cards. Those three went for a buck each and the Piazza went for two. The shipping for everything was $3. Not too bad. The Piazza is 10/45, Murphy is 15/35, Killebrew is 20/35 and Palmer is 10/25.

I already know of people’s love for Ginter, Turkey Red and other retro sets that were the main set released in packs, but what about insert sets like this one. What’s your favorite lesser known retro inspired set?



Anonymous said...

Nice! Sportscasters are pretty awesome. I have Griffey Jr. out of /25 (I think) and a Frank Robinson out of /40, both via trades. Every now & again I get the urge to pick up more, but never get around to it. I think it'd be cool to get some of the originals someday too. Definitely amongst my favorite retro-themed sets, because they are so much different than the usual vintage cards.

Hopefully when the years roll around, topps will do an insert based on Deckle Edge and other oddball concepts they trotted out over the years.

Community Gum said...

I'm completely with you on the Sportscasters. That's why I bought my box of 2005 Leaf. I was lucky enough to land a Maddux, which is what I was really after at the time.

If you're interested, I only needed that one, and I still have a few for trade: Randy Johnson (/35), Steve Carlton /30, Don Mattingly /65, and Ken Griffy Jr. /25.

Fuji said...

Huge fan of Sportscasters... I picked a few of these up in a trade last year and a one more on COMC. I'll eventually be posting these in my "cheap cool cards" series.

Offy said...

Jon - I'd definitely be interested in trading for those. Anything in particular that you are looking for in return?

Fuji - It doesn't surprise me that you also like these since we seem to share a lot of similar interests when it comes to cards. I love the look of them and you really can't beat the price. They've got to be some of the cheapest cards numbered to 25 that I've ever seen.

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