Friday, April 1, 2011

Replacement Time?

I just got the email from Topps that I can now request a replacement for my 2010 Luke Hughes Chrome autographed base card. Hughes’ first autographs were in Bowman way back in 2004. His minor league numbers don’t look that impressive and it has taken him this long to reach the majors. He had a hot spring, but maybe that will bump up the book value of the card so that I can end up with a better replacement. Anyone out there have a recent Beckett and if you do could you check the “value” for me. It’s card 187.

Right now, I’m leaning towards requesting a Red Sox replacement. If I were to get this Hughes card, I’d most likely end up trading it anyway. Might as well get something that I’ll keep in my collection. Let’s see how Topps does in selecting replacement cards compared to Upper Deck.


longlivethewho said...

His regular auto has a BV of 8 bucks.

Offy said...

Wow, a couple of copies of this card sold above that over the past couple of days due to his solid spring. Thanks for the info.

longlivethewho said...

As expected, BV shouldn't be the end-all for things. Ask for a Buchholz auto. Topps sent them out for replacements for a few cards this year, including my Topps 206 Jeff Francis auto.

Offy said...

The only reason that I mentioned it is that Topps specifically mentions "Beckett value" in the email that they send out. I've been pretty happy with Topps replacements in the past. I got a nice Spud Webb auto from Topps Signature in return for a Murad auto that was never produced as well as an Allen Ray (if only they had switched the names) auto that went nicely in my Celtics collection.

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