Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Masterpiece of a Trade

FujiMasterpiecesIt pays to be active on other blogs. One of the blogs where I enjoy interacting the most is The Chronicles of Fuji. Fuji usually ends his posts with a question to promote discussion and always takes the time to reply to any comments that are left.

I saw this post on Fuji’s blog where he chronicled his chase of the 2009-10 Upper Deck Basketball Masterpieces insert set. This was by far the best thing about Upper Deck’s last NBA licensed set. I’ve busted a hobby box and a retail box while also picking up some singles here and there, but I still wasn’t all that close to completing the set especially since I don’t have either of the Jordan cards, but it’s a set that I’ll complete eventually.

Fuji helped me get a little closer to the completion of this set with cards of KG, Kareem and Brandon Rush. I think the most valuable card of the bunch has to be the Fuji rookie card though. You can see what I sent him in return, which included cards in return for these as well as prizes for the contest that I held here months ago, here. Great trade and I look forward to more interactions with Fuji both online and through the mail.

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