Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Wow, I really feel like Doug and Wendy Whiner lately when it comes to anything involving redemption cards. I don't know if it will lead to anything, but I wrote back to Upper Deck and let them know that the two cards that they sent me don't come anywhere close to the value of an autograph from an Olympic athlete. I can buy certified autographs of both of these players that they sent me for around $10, but I can't buy a certified autograph of Michael Johnson for less than $100. They can't go by any value that a price guide might give to the redemption card itself because obviously no one is going to buy this almost worthless card. They have to go by what the value would be if the Michael Johnson card had been produced. Of course, I'm sure that Upper Deck is going to tell me differently. Hopefully, I'll be sending these two cards back to Upper Deck and something better will be sent my way.

Tomorrow, it will be announced that Michael Johnson has finally signed his stickers for Upper Deck.


dawgbones said...

Well, when you see B.S., sometimes you just have to throw the B.S. Flag on it!!

Offy said...

True. It just sucks that this is taking up the majority of my time and energy when it comes to sports card. I need to get some nono-redemption card posts written and posted.

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