Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Topps Has a Time Machine!

Whoa! Check out the ship dates for my Topps Redemptions. I can't wait until July so I can see my Red Hot Rookie:

S9RA5ADDPL 2010 Topps Series 2 Red Hot Rookie #7 Shipped 07/12/2011
TCBGYA6CKA 2010 Topps Chrome Luke Hughes - Autographed Rookie Card Pending 03/29/2011

The last one is pending with a shipment date in the future already entered. The Red Hot Rookie is listed as shipped, four months from now.

Speaking of Topps stupidity. Anyone out there have an extra Bowman Platinum wrapper and receipt for purchase of that pack? I've got a Jonathan Singleton card that I need to send in for replacement, but I didn't notice the damage at first and threw my wrappers away. So, I need to prove that I got it out of a pack by purchasing another pack or something in someone else's wrapper. Huh?

I'm just curious. For those of you go to card shops, how many write up receipts if you just purchase a handful of packs? It's almost like Topps doesn't want you to get your cards replaced until you buy them at Target, Walmart, etc or you purchase a complete box.

In other redemption news, the replacement for my Michael Johnson autographed card is "being pulled, packaged and prepared for shipping process. Thank you for your patience" as of Feb 28th. Still not shipped? My in-stock jersey cards. I don't get it.

In other redemption card news, I'm still waiting on my Cheryl Miller autograph from Panini. I'm hoping that shows up randomly in my mailbox like the Pat Summitt did. When did this hobby get to be so frustrating?

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Fuji said...

I noticed that the date Topps posted were funky with my Ed Reed auto too... I'll keep my fingers crossed on the Miller auto... hopefully we'll get ours at the same time.

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