Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Case Busting Bump in the Road

I’ve been having a lot of fun busting cases, but I’m starting to get a little bit of an itch to bust something different that I feel the need to scratch. I can’t believe that I’ve gone this long without buying a box of 2011 Topps Baseball, but the prices on that stuff has helped keep me away so far. I’m thinking that I might take a little bit of a break before purchasing the next case to pick up a couple of other things.

The main motivation for this break is the fact that there’s a big card show coming up right at the beginning of April and I’m hoping that I can pick up some nice deals there. One thing that I’ve really wanted to break was a box of Crown Royale (with cheese), but it’s exactly the type of box that I can’t stand. These boxes are all or nothing with a lot more nothings to be busted. I love the base cards, but I’m not sure if the box prices are worth it any longer after Griffin-mania.

At the end of April is Boston Comicon which has an amazing lineup of guests and I definitely want to have some cash for that. I’d love to get a couple of new sketches while I’m there. I’m also hoping that this con has some stuff that I’m interested in purchasing since Wizard World Boston was pretty lame. About the only thing that this convention needs is Katie Cook, but she’s already doing another con that weekend.

The other thing that is keeping me from busting another case is trying to find sets that interest me, are affordable and actually contain cards that have some resale value. I love the 2006 and 2007 Future Stars sets and there are some great autographs to be pulled. I’m just curious as to how tough the really good ones are to actually pull. Even so, I think that’s a set that I could so well with selling to team collectors on the blog or by bundling them up into team lots on eBay.

Before the prices jumped up a little again, I would have loved to bust a case of Panini Basketball Hall of Fame, but that would have been the only case I bust for a while since I’d be keeping most of those cards and would then have to pay off the case with future fun money. That would be one heck of a fun break though and one I hope that I’ll get to do in the future.


Fuji said...

You might have lucked out by not jumping on Panini HOF. I busted two boxes and pulled two redemptions... plus they left out an autograph. But... it's still a nice looking product.

Offy said...

I'd still love to bust a case because it looks like many of the redemption cards are getting fulfilled. I got my Summitt and I know that the Isiah Thomas cards are now live as well. I am still waiting on a Cheryl Miller that I hope will eventually arrive. If you bust a case you have a much better chance of getting the better cards that you miss out on most times if you open a box at a time. I'd love to pull an autographed USA jersey card even if it quickly jumps to eBay.

Until then, I'm picking up singles from the set here and there especially of former Celtics. I still love the set even if the packout leaves something to be desired.

Did you contact Panini about the missing autograph? They're very good about making good on mising hits.

Fuji said...

Yeah... I agree that you're odd of pulling something nice increases if you bust a whole case. I'm also waiting on the Miller (purchased on Ebay). An autographed USA jersey card would be sweet... but I'll be honest... the 2 box break sort of left a bad taste in my mouth.

I still haven't contacted Panini... but I will as soon as I have some time during the week. I kept the box... and the receipt from DA hopefully that's enough.

Offy said...

I thought you were waiting on the Miller. I can't keep people straight in my head. I know Guy busted some boxes of this as well and wasn't sure if someone else was waiting for the card.

You're lucky that you stopped after two boxes. I opened six and got three of the same autograph card, three of the same jersey card and a few other doubles. I still love the set though, but will pick up singles (like the Bailey Howell that I just won on eBay).

If there were more players that had higher print runs things wouldn't be too bad, but you get the same players that most people haven't heard of over and over again.

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