Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Case Break: 2007 UD Masterpieces Baseball: Box 16


No suspense this time around. There’s no box topper auto to be had in this case. That means that this box will contain an expired redemption card. I wonder who it will be?

Here’s a Ken Griffey Jr box topper. The only good thing in relation to the box toppers in this case was that I didn’t get any duplicates. That bodes well for me if I want to put this set together since I only need 4 more.

I guess now I just have to wait and see if Upper Deck can come through and do anything for me on the expired case hit at the very least.


Green Linen/Windsor: Don Larsen, Ken Griffey Jr, Carlos Beltran, Albert Pujols and Ripken/Gwynn.


Ryan Howard Blue Steel /50 (sold) and Albert Pujols Black Linen /99


Jason Bay, Garrett Atkins and Joe Nathan

All are available.


At least this box produced a decent autograph. Cain constantly gets overshadowed by Tim Lincecum, but he puts up numbers that would make him a welcome addition to any team and the ace on most of them. You can check out this card’s auction here.

That’s it. The only thing left to do is lament cards not meant to be…


Here’s an expired redemption for a Ken Griffey Jr autographed box topper. There are a ton of these currently on eBay so it looks like Upper Deck is currently sending out the unredeemed ones that they have lying around as replacements for other things. Maybe I’ll luck out and they’ll decide to send one of those to me since they’re still sitting around.

I can honestly say that I don’t have a lot of faith in Upper Deck at the moment. I’ve waited two months since redeeming the jersey cards from my Draft case and those haven’t even been shipped yet. My replacement card for the Michael Johnson auto isn’t going to be mailed until the middle to end of March. Now there’s this BS.

You ask me why I don’t miss Upper Deck in the hobby? Sure, they made some nice looking cards, but their cards were always in the worst condition right out of packs and they never really seemed to care about the customer. They were great to the people in their club that spent a ton of money, but that’s about it. Otherwise, you didn’t matter to them much at all. Trust me, I know. I sent them some cards to be replaced that I had to wait over a year to get back. If they don’t do anything to help me out on these redemptions then I’ll grab some pompoms and start cheering for them to go belly up. Not that it matter since I don’t collect hockey and all of their other stuff is ridiculous unlicensed crap. Call me bitter and I won’t argue, but you can’t deny that it’s justified.

I’ll do a quick wrap up to get things back on a positive note. This break was a lot of fun and I’m thrilled that so many people were following along. Thanks for understanding about my need to sell the cards from the case. I’d rather give my readers first shot at the majority of the cards. Don’t worry though, I’ve got an amazing amount of trade bait on deck and want to get some trades going in a big way. Also, if any of you are buying cards that won the contest I had way back when I changed to the new blog, I’ll get those prizes sent out to you with these cards.

Thanks for tuning in. I’ll write up a case break recap and start contacting people about your purchases.




G_Moses said...

Damn. Griffey Jr. box topper would be huge. I really hope that you can get it. Or at the very least, that somebody there realizes that his auto is a tier-1 auto and recomensates you for it.

I know that you don't collect hockey, but have you considered calling them with a list of hocky request for an A-list auto to replace it? I know that Griffey is up there, so ask for a Crosby, Ovechkin, Toewes or similar autograph in return. At least they'd have those in stock and you could flip it quickly. They might not do it for your regular auto redemptions, but you could probably talk them into it for a Griffey box topper.

Something to think about.

Offy said...

I thought of that when it came to my Michael Johnson auto redemption for purely flipping reasons, but I wanted to see if I could get something nice that I normally wouldn't be able to add to my collection. We'll see what happens. At this point, I'd even accept some ugly card from the new World of Sports set if it was of one of the bigger names on my list.

Derek said...

I'll take all five of the greens this go round. I have no idea what that puts me up too.

Anonymous said...

i'd love to buy some cards from this break if available

Offy said...


I lot has been claimed, but send me a message or email on what you are interested in and I'll let you know the prices of what's available. The majority of the Red Sox cards are staying with me, but if there's anything else that you are looking for please let me know.

Nathan said...

Thanks for posting up all the videos Offy, It's been a great break

Offy said...

Nathan: You're welcome and thank you for following along. I had a ton of fun busting open the case and the participation here on the blog helped extend that fun. I'm happy that I got to help people improve their collections for what I hope were good deals.

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