Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Case Break: 2007 UD Masterpieces Baseball: Box 15


Here’s a card of Don Larsen celebrating his World Series perfect game. It can be tough enough just pitching well enough to win on the national stage, but to pitch that well is amazing. When Roy Halladay threw his playoff no-hitter, it was just the second postseason no-hitter in baseball history, but it still wasn’t a perfect game. It’s a feat that may never be matched again.

Fifteen different box toppers in fifteen boxes, but still no box topper auto. This is either going to be epic like the Jordan auto in the last box or it’s going to suck big time.

One thing that I haven’t mention yet is that even though these Masterpieces cards are done by different artists, it still feels like a cohesive set. You can’t pick out on artist from another. This is the complete opposite of last year’s Chicle set which took a beating for some of the artist selections and rightfully so.


Green Linen/Windsor: Randy Johnson, Miguel Cabrera, Ozzie Smith, Vladimir Guerrero and ‘04 Red Sox

The Red Sox Championship pig pile is staying with me, but everything else is available.


Babe Ruth Black Linen /99 and Philip Hughes Hades /50 (sold)


Don Mattingly, Chris Carpenter and Will Clark

It’s strange seeing Don Mattingly and Will Clark pop out of a box together like this. I know that I would much rather pull them than some of the busts you can get of modern players.


I couldn’t get away unscathed. Here’s one more expired redemption card for a Delmon Young auto.

I’ve never liked redemption cards and something like this just makes me hate them even more. Because of the fact that Delmon Young was lazy or someone at Upper Deck was lazy and these cards didn’t get signed in time, I get shorted. Why should that be?

Redemption cards should be handled in the following way: Up until the deadline, you will receive the card listed (unless it never get produced and then you get a Tim Tebow 1/1). If you get a redemption card after the date then you aren’t guaranteed what was listed, but you will get something of equal value. Send out cards, send out wax or whatever it takes. There’s no excuse for screwing a customer who has spent money on your product.



Play at the Plate said...

Will Clark is my all-time favorite player...if he's available, put him on my pile.

Derek said...

the green big unit and vlad can go in my pile

Charles @ Hoopography said...

what would you be looking for for any of the Yankees cards you've pulled? That Mattingly is sweet!!!

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