Saturday, February 26, 2011

Topps For 50% Off

In the past, I’ve promoted thing on this blog in return for something, but this time I promoting a deal just because I think it is a great offer. I’m sure that most of you have heard of sites such as Groupon that leverage the power of quantity purchases to obtain discounts from retailers. It’s a win-win situation as the merchant gets some business it may not have and the customer saves money.

Sports News/Entertainment website FanIQ has gotten into the act and has been offering things like sporting event tickets and gift cards. The current deal is for a gift card that might appeal to most collectors. FanIQDeals is offering a great deal of a $40 Topps gift card for $20. This gift card is for the Topps Online Store and is perfect for those who have won a $10 gift card through the Diamond Giveaway. This will allow you to get $50 of Topps product for $20. You can’t beat that. Get two blasters for the price of one, a factory set or a retail box for the base cards you need for a set. Honestly, everything on the site with the exception of the blasters can be overpriced, but this deal makes that a little better. The retail box of 2011 Topps baseball isn’t a bad deal given the slight price increase on the hobby boxes.

I’m in on the deal and if you’d like to get in on it as well, you’ve got 3 days to do so. Check out the Topps online store and if there’s anything there that you’d like then this offer is too good to pass up.


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