Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thank You Topps

Every once in a while, the mishaps of Topps can work out in your favor. Way back in this post, I detailed an amazing box of 2009-10 Topps Basketball Jumbos. I thought that selling the Blake Griffin auto for what I did back then was a big deal, but it is going for over $700 these days. Oh well. I’m not writing this post to dwell on the past though.

Also in that post you will see that I got a damaged Dwyane Wade gold refractor out of the box that I sent back to Topps for replacement. A similar card just recently sold on eBay for $18.11. I don’t know if the big smudge on the front kept the price down at all. My card had a very similar smudge and I’m glad that I sent it in.

What Topps sent me in return was this card. Well, that’s not my card. That’s just an auction that I followed to see where it would end. I already had a feeling that now would be the time to sell this card, but when I saw that the ending price for this other auction was $87.51 I couldn’t list the card quickly enough. If I can locate a couple of other cards like this one, maybe I can get a second case break fund going for sets where I’ll be looking to keep most of the contents of the case for myself. I think that I’ve culled the majority of these cards from my collection though and I’m not selling any Pujols rookies at this point.

They may not be able to get a website up and running properly, but sometimes their mistakes can end up benefiting you.



Fuji said...

Wow... that's insane... $87 for a Derrick Rose gold refractor? Insane.

Offy said...

What's driving the prices is the fact that everything 09-10 unopened is jumping in price due to Blake Griffin. Anything tough to pull from those boxes is coming along for the ride. Right now, regular boxes of 2009-10 Topps Basketball are selling for around $150 which is also insane. Imagine what jumbo boxes like the one that I opened would be selling for at this point. I'd guess $250-$300. That exact Griffin McDonald's card that I pulled has people ripping packs like crazy. There's also the fact that the final year of Topps basketball was loaded. The Chrome cards were popular from the initial release, but the interest and price has gone up with the box prices. When it comes to the second hottest player in the NBA at the moment, all of these factors are going to make things crazy.

A James Harden gold rookie went for $56, a Brandon Jennings went for $125 and a Ricky Rubio sold for $205. These are some of the hottest cards at the moment with basketball collectors. A lot of it is probably fueled by the crap that Panini keeps releasing.

I was amazed to see that 2009-10 Bowman '48 boxes were going for a little over $100. I love the set, but it didn't seem like something that would take off. The thing is, it's got a serial numbered Blake Griffin rookie in it and so the price is climbing. I keep watching as the Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade autos that I pulled from my box climb in selling price on eBay. If I didn't like that set so much, those cards might be the next ones up on the eBay auction block. Combined, those two cards are currently selling for more than what I paid for my box and that doesn't even consider the Mayo auto and most of the set (including Griffin, Jennings and Evans all serial numbered).

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