Monday, February 28, 2011

Halfway Point Case Update

Just wanted to write up a quick update of things after opening half of the case. So far we’ve got 8 different box toppers and no autograph.

The Cal Ripken Blue Steel numbered 50/50 has been posted on eBay and shot up to $7.78 within 24 hours of posting which seems crazy to me. It currently has 11 views and 2 watchers.

The Troy Tulowitzki seems like it might be the surprise card of the case. I couldn’t find any other listing, current or completed, on eBay and he’s a pretty popular player. It’s has 35 views and 14 watchers just 24 hours after posting. Hopefully it will get another bump on Monday from the people who goof off on eBay at work.

I could talk about other auctions, but I haven’t posted those box breaks yet so that would be spoiling.

If you have expressed interest in any of the cards from the break and I haven’t gotten an email out to you, please let me know. I’m about to do that now and am scheduling this post for 3 hours from now. If I haven’t gotten around to you by then please feel free to smack me around.

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