Sunday, February 20, 2011

Everything's Coming Up Millhouse

Wow, not to beat a dead horse, but I just can't get over this Derrick Rose gold chrome card. You may remember from my previous post about the card that one had just sold for $87 on eBay which reaffirmed my thoughts about listing the card. Since Blake Griffin mania is only going to increase (the main reason these boxes are selling for $150+ right now and forget about tracking down any jumbo boxes) and Rose is having an MVP caliber season, I figured that I would list it with a Buy It Now price of $100 and be happy with the $80 it would sell for. Well, I was extremely pleased tonight when I logged into eBay to see that my card had sold for just over $100. Yowzers.

I knew that the final year of Topps basketball was going to be loaded to begin with, but Blake Griffin mania has brought it to amazing levels. The jumbo boxes of this set just might be the most loaded break of anything released in a long time. You can pull Blake Griffin rookies in base format, gold parallel, black parallel, 1/1 parallel, chrome parallel, refractor parallel, gold refractor parallel and possibly a 1/1 refractor parallel, but I'm not 100% sure that they included those in this set. All of those different versions are available for all of the big stars as well as what is shaping up to be a great rookie crop. You can also pull Draft Day Photo autographed cards and McDonald's All-American autographed cards. There were also some very nice patch cards that outdid a lot of what you'd find in high priced Topps basketball releases.

I really wish that I was doing case breaks back when this set was released. Anyone who did so and held onto the cards is now making out like a bandit. Take a look on eBay and you'll see a handful of other Derrick Rose golds that have now been listed, a couple of them graded, which might even sell for more than the one that I just sold. Prices on anything serial numbered from this set keeps climbing in price.

Speaking of case breaks, my case is all set to arrive around the middle of this week. I probably won't get the whole thing busted until my vacation next week, but I will definitely post a box or two right away. I hope that I get something half as good as the case that I Am Joe Collector just busted. Two Lincecum rookies numbered to 50 and a Nolan Ryan autograph is "killing a case" as they say on the message boards.

I also had some other good luck that I've yet to post about. The baseball card shop that I go to (Kenmore Collectibles) had a contest that was entered by submitting a want list. I ended up winning the contest and the prize was a pack of Bowman Sterling baseball. I have the contents scanned and want to post about it because I did get one hit that's worth showing off and that would be a USA dual autograph refractor numbered to 99 which includes a player many think will go either first or second in the next draft.

I'm looking forward to my upcoming "staycation" for a bunch of reason. Tops amongst those reasons would be finally getting out the prizes from the contest that I held when I launched the new site and finally getting my collectibles room organized to the point where everything has a place and I can start putting out the things that I want to display. So, expect to see a lot of content from me that week and hopefully for the weeks to follow.

Now that I have a case on the way, I'm already thinking of what I want to bust next. I keep watching 2011 Topps creep closer to realistic prices. There's the upcoming Gypsy Queen. Then there's the older and cheaper stuff such as Future Stars, Philadelphia and Heroes. Hopefully some nice pulls from this case allow me to pick up the next one sooner rather than later.

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