Sunday, February 27, 2011

Case Break: 2007 UD Masterpieces Baseball: Box 8

I mentioned it in each of the box break videos, but I’ve yet to mention it here in the blog posts. This case break was sponsored by Atlanta Sports Cards and their video box break sponsorship program. Josh was a pleasure to deal with and gave me a great deal on the case. Makes sure that you check them out when you’re looking for wax boxes online.


We’re now halfway through the case break and have yet to see a duplicate box topper, but we also have yet to see the case hit box topper auto.

Here’s a great looking card of Travis Hafner. This is one example where the picture is perfectly framed by the… well, the frame. This is something that would look amazing up on a wall. All of the framed cards look a little better than the base cards that just fade to white around the edges. The frames really make the cards and I can definitely why people have chased the framed parallel sets.


Windsor Green Linen: Kirk Gibson, David Ortiz, Bill Mazeroski, Travis Hafner and Joe Mauer

It probably goes without saying, but the Ortiz will be staying with me. I pulled both the Windsor Green and Green Linen of this card out of this case.


Victor Martinez Black Linen /99 and Cal Ripken Blue Steel 49/50

Cal Ripken is already all over this product so I didn’t really need to pull two of the same parallel. Then again, the Ripken numbered 50/50 is already up to $7.78 after just 24 hours which is ridiculous in this day and age of eBay where everyone waits until the last minute to bid.


C.C. Sabathia, Matt Holliday and Brian Giles

Once again, I’ll point out that there are just some goofy moments in these videos that you’re missing out on if you aren’t watching. Hopefully someone other than me finds them amusing. I know it’s a lot of video to watch especially since I’m posting around 6 box breaks a day, but hopefully they provide some entertainment. It’s tough to make three plain white jersey swatches entertaining.


Anyone know if Huston Street signs through the mail. I’m not so much a fan of him as I am of his autograph. This is an extremely cool autograph. This is something that you treasure in your collection. I wish that some of the people that I collected had signatures that were this nice.

Everything with the exception of the Ortiz and the topper are available.



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Throw that green Mauer in my stack.

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