Saturday, February 26, 2011

Case Break: 2007 UD Masterpieces Baseball: Box 1

Here’s the first box break video from the 2007 Masterpieces case. The format for these posts will be the video and then scans of the hits. Hopefully you enjoy the videos. They were fun to do and I think they should be fun to watch as well.

BayTopperI love the look of the box toppers and still haven’t decided what I’m going to do with them yet. It would be a nice set to complete and display up in the man cave.

I liked Jason Bay during the short stint he spent with the Red Sox, but letting him go looks like another smart move on the part of Theo Epstein. He didn’t fare well in New York at all. Two years later and we’ve got an outfield of Carl Crawford, Jacoby Ellsbury and J.D. Drew. No one is missing Bay at this point. I’m hoping he can rebound in New York since Mets fans need at least one thing to go right for them.


Green Linen/Windsor: Richard Nixon, Roger Clemens, Travis Hafner, Albert Pujols and Yogi Berra/Jackie Robinson


Michael Jordan Serious Black /99 and Justin Morneau Blue Steel /50


Jered Weaver, Dice-K Matsuzaka and Hank Blalock


This was not a fun way to start off the case at all. This is an expired redemption card for a Micah Owings Stroke of Genius autographed card. I have contacted Upper Deck and they asked for all of my expired redemption codes. They let me know that each expired redemption is dealt with on a case by case basis and that they couldn’t guarantee that I would get anything, but this is better than nothing. At this rate, I’ll be getting mystery packages from Upper Deck every couple of months.

There you go, I think the Dice-K will be staying in my collection. The Jordan was already been sold, but everything else is available for sale. Let me know if there’s something that you’re interested in and I’ll send you an offer.



G_Moses said...


I'll be looking at anything Jake Peavy, Ichiro or King Felix again. But principally Peavy.

Let me know.

I can't wait to see how you did in this case. The stuff is so beautiful.

Play at the Plate said...

I'm interested in the Berra/Robinson PATP and the Blalock relic.

Nathan said...

Nice break, thanks for posting the video

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in the Morneau card

The Dimwit said...

I'd be interested in any of the box toppers you choose to part with if you choose to do so, except for the autographed one, don't think I'm going to have the cash or trade mojo to make an offer for it! Thanks.

Offy said...

mmmrhubarb: I'll send you a price on the Morneau so you can let me know if you'd like to buy it and if so, I'll start a pile for you and then once everything has been posted we can do a single batch of cards.

Dimwit: As of right now, I'm going to hold on to all of the box toppers. The main reason that I would end up selling them would be if it feels like I haven't recouped enough on the case from what I've sold at that point. I'm hoping that I things end up that I feel alright keeping them because they're awesome looking cards.

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