Monday, February 28, 2011

Case Break: 2007 Masterpieces Baseball: Box 12


You know what’s weird, I can’t even remember at the moment which team Victor Martinez decided to sign with. I should remember because as a Red Sox fan I have to root against them so that we get the best possible compensation pick. I loved watching V-Mart while he was here in Boston because he was a great hitter, but I’d much rather have Adrian Gonzalez than Martinez due to the age difference. Of course, re-signing Martinez would have kept Kelly, Rizzo and Fuentes in the system, but what are you gonna do.

Detriot’s team looks pretty good this season, but an extra first round pick plus a supplemental pick is always a good thing no matter the position and the Red Sox have a great track record with these picks.


Green Linen/Windsor: Billy Butler, David Ortiz, Frank Thomas, Troy Tulowitzki and Ryan Howard

Here’s that other Ortiz that I had mentioned in an earlier break. This will be staying with me. All of the others are available.


Ryan Howard Serious Black /99 and Johan Santana Pinot /75

Both of these cards have already been claimed so I’ll move on to the jersey cards.


J.D. Drew RedSox/Dodgers card, Ben Sheets and Tim Hudson.

All of the jersey cards are available.


I was pretty excited to pull this out of the case. Ignore the white blob over Gwynn’s body as it was a reflection on the penny sleeve inside of the toploader. There’s a much better picture on the eBay auction. You can tell when you’ve got a hot card when the price reaches double digits within a day and a half of being posted.

There are some really cool short printed autographs in this product. I just saw Nolan Ryan come out of a case and I think there are cards of Cal Ripken and Ken Griffey Jr. I’m sure there are more, but I don’t have the checklist handy at the moment.


Upper Deck sure put all of their eggs in one basket with this box. You could consider this box to have contained two case hits in the short printed auto and now this 1/1 of 4 printing plate. This is the cyan printing plate of the very same Strokes of Genius autograph card that I pulled an expired redemption card for. The Perkins is also up on eBay. I never get these kind of boxes when I’m just buying stuff a box at a time. I think I’m getting hooked on busting cases.



G_Moses said...

I don't care what anybody says, pulling printing plates - and owning some of your favorite player - still fun. I don't like sticker autos on them, but if you collect a certain card or player, it's a good find.

Derek said...

Howard & Troy in my pile please. Info on hudson relic?

Anonymous said...

ha - nice plate pull. I don't live or die by these, but if you have any problem getting rid of it on eBay, get back to me. Otherwise, Santana, please.

Charles @ Hoopography said...

I do not yet own a printing plate, but I hope to one day. That Gwynn should sell for a pretty penny too. Great box.

I know you are keeping some, trading others and selling still other, but how much do you think you will recoup from the original purchase price. This def looks like a great buy when you consider the cards you will keep, sell and trade. I'd love to buy a case of UD Chronology (the basketball "version" of Masterpieces), but it would be a bit out of my price range.

Offy said...

The first printing plate that I ever pulled was a Topps plate and it looked like crap which kind of jaded my opinion of them. This plate is a thing of beauty. It's got a frame like all of the parallels and it is in great shape. The Topps plate that I pulled looked like it was thrown around.

Derek: email sent

rhubarb: All set

Charles: Unfortunately, I won't really be able to trade anything from the case. I have to try and make back as much as I can on the case so I can go out and buy another one. :)

It's tough to say how much I'll get back, but I would be happy with recovering 75% of the cost of the case. Since I kept some cards, finished off my set and had a lot of fun that would make up the final 25%. Anything between 50% and 75% would be alright, but would set me back a little until my next case. Anything under 50% would be a disaster. If I wanted that kind of return then I'd buy $500 boxes.

I absolutely love Chronology. I almost pulled the trigger on a box right before people started going nuts over Durant stuff and the prices began climbing. Right now, the only card that I have from the set is the Big Baby autographed painting card which is amazing. I keep looking at more singles on eBay, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. It's a tough break now because I think all of the redemptions have expired and there are an awful lot of them.

I'm going to follow this flurry of box breaks up with some nice trade bait though and can't wait to get back into that part of blogging. I've got some nice cards that need new homes.

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