Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wow, That Was Fast!

So. Upon receiving the Jordan back from Upper Deck, I started doing my research on eBay and found a couple of examples of this exact same card selling recently. 22/23 sold for $361 and 23/23 sold for $490, but all bets are off when a jersey serial number comes into play.  I listed the card at $450 or best offer and waited. Almost immediately, I got an offer for $313 which was a little lower than what I was willing to accept. I got a second offer for $350 and so I countered the first offer with $350, but he dragged his feet. I took a chance and countered the $350 offer with $375 which was mostly just to cover fees.

The fact of the matter is that this being a sticker auto kills a bit of the value of the card with so many great looking on-card autographs out there for Jordan collectors to acquire. People aren’t going to purchase this card as a centerpiece of their collection. This is mainly going to be sought after by Jordan collectors who want to have everything.  Yes, there’s still a lot of them out there, but they also know what they should be paying for Jordan’s stuff.  There were some on-card autographs that sold for less and there were some sticker autos numbered as low as 10 that sold for less.  All in all, I think that I did pretty well.

Someone jumped on the Stephen Curry auto for $30 which I knew would happen. The Jonny Flynn is still sitting there with the best offer still being $3 and change. It looks like I’ll have to move this over to an auction setting and see what happens.

New listings include:

Courtney Fells Auto 18/25 auction $1.99 starting bid

Gerald Henderson Auto 24/25 auction .99¢ starting bid

Jeff Pendergraph Auto 44/199 auction .99¢ starting bid

Wesley Matthews base card .99¢ BIN

Unfortunately, I don’t know if there’s any money to be made on the sets or base cards. They’re all listed at .18¢ on  I might send a few of each of the big names to CheckOutMyCards once the batch I just sent in gets processed and some of those cards sell.  I’ve still got a couple of ideas up my sleeve so stay tuned to see if any of those pan out.

So, eight transaction pretty much covered the cost of the case. I’ll still have to sell a few more things to cover the part of that total that will be lost to fees, but hopefully some of that will come from the new listings. The rest can trickle in and go towards a future break. The most important thing is that this case paid for itself and I can no start the process of picking up a new case.


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Rod (Padrographs) said...

I will be bidding on the Pendergraph and Matthews.

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