Thursday, January 27, 2011

Upper Deck Replacement Package

Here’s a quick little video detailing the contents of the package that Upper Deck sent back to me for my damaged Upper Deck Draft cards.  I’ve got to say, I’m extremely happy with the quality of  the video from my new webcam.  The autofocus is amazing and the image is crystal clear. Check it out:




Charles @ Hoopography said...

Nice video. Is that from your Mac?

What card did you send UD that they sent that? It's a cool card and all, but I'm with you. Who are those guys?

I sent your prize package out yesterday. Sorry for the delay, but I needed to get some shipping supplies. Hope you enjoy the cards and great guess!!!

Offy said...

This video was recorded with a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910. It's one of the few webcams compatible with the Mac that will actually autozoom and autofocus. We get a nice discount on Logitech products through work and so I picked this one up figuring that the discount on video box breaks that sites such as Blowout and Atlanta offer will pay for the cam in the long run.

I sent in this exact Jordan card and they sent the same one back. The dual auto was a replacement for the case hit that I was shorted from my Draft case break and the other auto cards from the set were replacements for a couple of damaged nobodies and a Lisa Fernandez Alma Mater /99 auto that I sent in to them.

No worries about the delay. I know what you mean about needing supplies. I had to recycle some padded envelopes to get the last few things that I sold on eBay out on time.

G_Moses said...

The video is only :49 seconds long. Is there more to it? I'd like to see that Jordan. But from what I saw, nice resolution.

Offy said...

Didn't even notice that. The file is complete here on my computer. I'll try and upload it again. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

Offy said...

Ok, new video has been posted. This one shows everything.

Jay said...


I watched it in HD. I have a brand spanking new mini mac which I upgraded to 8 Gig memory, and its freaking awesome for streaming. ALl I need now is a camera, but after watching this video I think I may have found one. Got a link as to where I can find a deal on one Syr Syzygy .

Nice replacement. I told you would get hooked up right.

Jay said...

Would you be interested in trading the Timmy? ( Pretty bold right lol)

Offy said...

I'll see what I can find for deals on the camera. I love it so far. There do seem to be some problems with the Logitech software rendering 720 and 1080 quality video so I'm going to have to look into that.

I'm happy with them sending the Jordan back because the condition wasn't terrible and there's nothing better they could have sent me. They did do a good job with the rest of the replacements. I'm going to see if I can get Fernandez to sign through the mail since I sent her card off for replacement.

I'm going to be holding on to the Timmy. This card has been in my sights for a while now and I was able to finally grab one for the right price.

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