Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More eBay Acquisitions

Since I’ve had some money in the PayPal account as of late, I’ve had a steady flow of packages coming in from eBay.  There aren’t many here, but there are some really cool ones that I wanted to share right away.

ShadowBoxFirst up is a Brian Westbrook 2009 Upper Deck SPx Shadow Box insert. I just wanted one of these in my collection ever since I first saw pictures of them.  Now that I own one, it is just as cool as I thought it would be.  One strange thing is that the sides of the card aren’t straight up and down, but they’re at an angle instead.  The bottom layer is a little smaller than the top layer of the card is.

Upper Deck put college versions of these cards in their 2010 SPx set and they continue to be popular inserts to pull especially since they fall just one per case.  The autographed versions go for big bucks.

BlueBrentzThe Bryce Brentz collection continues to grow with the addition of this blue refractor numbered to 199.  I got to see both Brentz and Vitek play at the annual Futures at Fenway event and hopefully will get to see them play this summer if they’re with one of the local minor league teams.  I’ve yet to make it up to Portland, but want to do so this year and need to get back to Pawtucket, Lowell and Brockton.

It’ll be interesting to see what I think of these cards in a few years.  Will Brentz be starring for the Red Sox, will he be a bust or will he get traded away to another team like top prospect Casey Kelly did this offseason.

ReggieJerseyI’m still beaming over the eBay win.  The two Reggie Lewis jersey cards that Panini has produced have been red hot since their release; regularly selling around the $20 mark. This auction ended at $21.01 at 11 PM EST/8 PM PST on December 28th. This auction ended at $22.19 at 10 AM EST/1 PM PST.  The auction I won ended at $5.50 at 1 AM EST/10 PM PST.  All of the Reggie Lewis fans were asleep on the East Coast and I got one heck of a steal.  This is a beautiful card numbered to just 100 copies and you can’t beat the price that I got it for.


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