Sunday, January 9, 2011

Case Break: 2009-10 UD Basketball Draft Edition: Box 12

Griffith50Here we are down to the wire on this case break.  I promise that the boxes were posted in the order that I opened them and I would like to thank Upper Deck for packing them in the most dramatic way possible.  We’re still looking for one “A-List” autograph and the case hit.

We’ll start off this box with a Darrell Griffith Tournament Titan insert parallel numbered to 50.  Griffith had the nickname “Dr. Dunkenstein” and… well, that’s all I got.

These last two boxes were crazy loaded with hits.  It’s like Upper Deck realized that they hadn’t put everything into this case yet and stuffed it into these two boxes.  Keep reading to see what I mean.

AutosMore weird base autographs in this box.  The Eric Maynor is numbered to 349.  All of the base autos to this point have been numbered to something ending in 99.  All of the autograph parallels have differently colored borders.  So, this is a base auto going by the card it is on, but it is numbered like a parallel.  It’s also a terrible autograph.  He can’t sign his full name, but he adds his jersey number?  Go figure.  Dante Cunningham is numbered to 899.  I guess someone misplaced a few sheets of autographs.


This was the lowest numbered autograph that I had pulled to this point, but that mark wouldn’t last for long.  Not only is this Gerald Henderson numbered out of 25, but the 15 it is numbered is also Henderson’s jersey number.  That should draw some interest for this card on eBay.  I’ve got a post in the works that shows just how crazy things can get when serial numbers are involved.  It would be nice if it were one of the bigger names in the set that was numbered this low, but beggars can’t be choosers.  Besides, if I were to choose one autograph to pull out of an Upper Deck hoops product, which one would I choose?


Yeah, it probably would have been this guy.  I’ve been collecting long enough that I’ve held a lot of great cards in my hands, but I was shaking when this came out of the pack.  It’s numbered 3/23 and beat out the Henderson for the lowest numbered autographed card in the case.

If you have the time, click on the picture to get the larger version.  Now you see what I saw once I snapped back to reality and started thinking about listing the card on eBay.  The bottom of the card looks like someone used to get popcorn kernels out from between their teeth.  There’s chipping and dings all over the place.  So, even though I’m scared as hell, I have to send this one back to Upper Deck for replacement.  I know that I’ll be getting a college card in return, but I’m sending them a college card so that’s alright.  I’m making sure that they send this card back if they can’t replace it with another Jordan that’s numbered this low.  I may even call Upper Deck on the phone before I send the cards in to make sure they can do what I want them to.

So, I did amazingly well for my first case break considering that this one card should be able to pay for the whole case and then some on its own.  The only downside is that I’m going to have to wait a couple of months at the least to get a card back that I can sell which puts the whole case breaking thing on hold for that long.  It does give me the freedom to be a little more loose on the rest of what I pulled out of the case, so if you sent me a trade request then I’ll be looking to trade what you’re looking for.  Also, I might trade some of the 16 sets away if anyone is interested.  Send me an offer of something Celtics, Red Sox or Patriots.

Thanks to everyone who read through all of these posts.  I’m still looking for ideas of what I should ask for in return for the Michael Johnson redemption and what case I should break next.  I’m leaning towards something like baseball Heroes or Masterpieces, but for football Philadelphia and Magic look interesting as well.  If they were easier to find, I wouldn’t mind busting cases of Topps basketball jumbos.  There’s also the possibility of Donruss Basketball or 2011 Topps jumbos depending on what the Jordan card eventually sells for.



Play at the Plate said...

Ok, I'm reading these in reverse order since I've been away all weekend. Maybe it was MJ who used the card as a's a DNA auto relic!! Anyway, I hope they can do something for you, that is an amazing pull. Good luck! I'm off to read the next one.

G_Moses said...


Well done! I probably would soil myself if I ever pack pulled a Jordan auto. No matter the condition, at least you have had that honor.

Very well done.

AdamE said...

Awesome Pull!!!

I would defiantly call them before I sent that in.

Spankee said...

Yeah, that card can pay for the case and a new pair of underwear (Hanes, of course).

Offy said...

Yeah, I'm definitely going to have to call because I've read many posts where people have called and spoken to someone and been very happy with their results.

It's a shame that this card is in bad condition because I love the look of it a lot. I'm kind of scared to see what Upper Deck will replace it with.

Derek said...

Awesome pull!! I can't believe you managed to keep us in suspense this whole time with that on your hands.

Offy said...

I know. I wanted to post about it right after I pulled it. It's been sitting on my desk in a magnetic case since last year. I loved that it came out of the last box. I did get shorted the case hit, but pulling the Jordan made that a lot easier to deal with. The hobby would be great if all cases were like this.

Fuji said...

Wow... you beat the odds and hit the jackpot! Congratulations!

Offy said...

I really did. Jordan being on the "A-List" of autographs that fall four per case was one of the reasons that I chose this set, but with each Jordan being very short printed, I didn't think I really had a chance of pulling one. On top of the Jordan, I got some nice parallels and the Michael Johnson auto which could turn into something else nice. I still have to figure out what I'm going to ask for.

Jay said...

Good luck on that Offy. A guy of your caliber should get an awesome quad patch jordan mojonic card in return.

Offy said...

Thanks! Upper Deck seems to have really stepped up their game when it comes to Customer Service. I reached someone on the phone in a timely manner and they were more than willing to modify the replacement request to my desires. It's a lot different than when I was dealing with Topps in regards to my damaged Dwyane Wade autographed mini. They had no clue what the print run was and when I told them that I didn't think they were offering enough in return they told me that it was either that or nothing. That got me a little annoyed and then when I saw the ugly Wade auto that they sent with the box, I was even more annoyed. I think that I need to draft up another post about that.

Jay said...

U.D is good they sent me a lincecum by the letter auto/ 50 for the replacement of a missing hit once. Im sure they will take care of you. As a matter of fact Im willing to bet what ever you get you will be very pleased with.

Topps now that is a whole nother story..

By the way I pulled a Red Ink On Card Bird /12..

I know your buzzin..

Offy said...

You are a cruel, cruel man...

Can I interest you in a Victor Martinez, Jeremy Sowers, Charles Lofgren triple auto.

Another aspect of this case that I haven't touched upon that much is that I was shorted the case hit which was supposed to be either a dual or triple signed card. I got a couple of nice Alma Mater autographs that seemed to be above and beyond what was promised for the case, but I don't know if that means anything. If I can get a new Jordan then I'm not too worried about the case hit.

Are there any players you're interested in that I should try and add to the list of players for my Michael Johnson replacement that you might be interested in for a Bird trade? (If you're even willing to trade it. I know I wouldn't.)

Amazing pull, what did it come out of?

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