Sunday, January 9, 2011

Case Break: 2009-10 UD Basketball Draft Edition: Box 8


Now that I’m including fewer pictures with these post, I’m going to post them a little more frequently.  S’alright?  S’alright.

Here’s an Alma Mater parallel card of CP3 in his Wake Forest uni.  If you couldn’t tell from the number of scans that I posted, I really like this Alma Mater set.  I only got one complete set out of the case and that will be remaining in my collection.  It’s got a nice design, a great checklist and is something fun and different.  This is one of the good things to come out of Upper Deck’s loss of licenses.

If you click through to see the larger scan, you’ll notice that there’s a significant amount of damage along the bottom of this card.  Keep that in mind because it will rear its ugly head again in the near future.


This box was a weird one so I decided to scan all of the autographed cards together.  Technically, I didn’t get a parallel autograph in this box, but I did get a card numbered lower than most of the parallel autographs that I’ve pulled.

Sam Young /999 – Young was drafted in the second round of the 2009 Draft by the Memphis Grizzlies with the 36th overall pick.  He’s only averaging 4.2 PPG this season after tallying 7.4 in his rookie season.

Luke Nevill /399 – I couldn’t find out much info about Luke Nevill post draft.  It looks like he wasn’t draft, but I’ve found information linking him to both the Utah Jazz (and maybe their D-League Team) and the Cavaliers, but he doesn’t have any NBA statistics.

Toney Douglas /299 – Douglas was drafted by the Lakers in the first round of the 2009 Draft (29th overall) and was later traded to the Knicks.  He averaged 8.6 PPG in his rookie season and has increased that to 9.4 this year.  Douglas is currently starting for the Knicks with Danillo Gallinari out with an injury.

Earl Clark /199 – Clark was drafted 14th in the 2009 Draft by the Phoenix Suns.  He is now a member of the Orlando Magic as part of the trade that got rid of Vince Carter and revitalized the team.  Clark’s numbers have taken a small jump since joining the Magic and since this is such a short printed base card, it might be interesting to see what kind of interest this draws.

Box 8 contained the first Jordan Collection redemption card that I’d seen in a while.  This one was good for BJ Mullens.  I’m looking forward to getting these cards in the mail as their pretty sharp looking and I want to see what they look like in person.



Anonymous said...

Love the Tony Douglas card

G_Moses said...

I'm still a Sam Young fan. I think that he'll get himself into a starting rotation at some point in his career.

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