Friday, January 7, 2011

Case Break: 2009-10 UD Basketball Draft Edition: Box 5

84DraftHere’s that 1984 Draft card that I’ve mentioned a couple of times already.  You can’t complain about getting Olajuwon with the first pick.  Sure, the best player ever was picked two spots later, but any other year a team would be ecstatic about getting Olajuwon.  It’s not like they picked Sam Bowie ahead of Jordan.  Can you imagine getting someone like John Stockton with the 16th pick?  Just an amazing draft in retrospect.  Pulling the autographed version of this card would be a collector’s dream come true.

AutosThere were only two base autographs in this box and they were B.J. Raymond /999 and Antonio Anderson /999.  It doesn’t look like either player was drafted.  Anderson played one game with the Thunder in 2009-10, but I can’t find any stats for Raymond.


Here’s a low numbered autograph parallel of James Johnson.  This card is numbered 90/99.  Johnson was the 16th pick in 2009 by the Chicago Bulls.  So far, he’s only averaged 3.9 PPG in his career.  Oh well, I’m not putting my daughter through college with this one.

I’ve got to say, Mr. Johnson has a great looking autograph.  This one might just be a keeper for the great looking autograph.


Here’s my second card from the list of players that will show up four times within a case.  This is a base autograph and it is numbered to 249.  Curry was drafted 7th in 2009 by the Golden State Warriors and has had a very successful career so far.  17.5 PPG with 5.9 APG in his rookie season and 18.7 with 6.0 APG so far this season.  Curry’s autographing career… not so successful.  Maybe it looks better when it’s not on a tiny sticker, but here the Stephen inside of a big C doesn’t look so good.  It would be a nice tag for the side of a building, but it kind of stinks as an autograph.

No redemption card in this box.



G_Moses said...

Much better box than the last one. Curry autos are still good currency - even if it's a bit of a give-up auto.

Offy said...

I was definitely glad to see the Curry come out of the box. I know that some of these autographs look bad because of the tiny stickers used. They don't seem as tall as the usual autograph stickers that you find on cards. Some of the more intricate autos seem a little squished and there were a few that strayed off of the stickers.

Fuji said...

You have to be pretty stoked about pulling a Curry auto... here in the Bay Area... he's a super hot commodity. Congratulations on the nice pull.

Offy said...

Thanks. The Curry is a card that I'd consider keeping for myself depending on how the rest of the break turns out. I'm essentially buying the card from myself, or rather my case break fund, when I do that so I want to try and do it as little as possible except for my player collection and things like that.

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