Sunday, January 9, 2011

Case Break: 2009-10 UD Basketball Draft Edition: Box 7

Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance!  No wait, this is the part of the case break where I got really tired of the inserts after already tiring of the base cards and just searched out the autos.  Sorry about some of the crappy formatting of the previous posts.  You don’t get to preview the posts when you schedule them ahead of time so there were a few hiccups.  Hope that you’re enjoying.  At the halfway point, we have found two of the “A-List” autographs and no case hit.


The base autos for this box were DeMarre Carroll /999, Leo Lyons /999 and Garrett Temple /999.


The autograph parallel for this box is Courtney Fells and it is numbered to /249.  It doesn’t look like Mr. Fells was drafted.  Keep this in mind those of you who are considering a box or two of the upcoming Upper Deck pre-draft football product that’s coming out.  Sure, the NFL draft is much longer so most of the guys in the set will get drafted, but how many won’t go any further than a team’s practice squad.

This set is a great break now, but imagine opening this case for the normal price when it first came out and then getting crushed on draft night as player after player that you pulled go undrafted.

That being said, I do love the 1991 retro cards that will be found in the set.  Putting that set together should be fun.



G_Moses said...

Still a really enjoyable series to read here though. It's making me think of doing something similar this year.

Blogger formatting is notorious for being a bit picky. But still it's been really well done.

Offy said...

I'll tell ya, bust the case was a ton of fun. I started off planning just to do the first four boxes or so that first night since I was getting a late start and then doing the rest another day and I busted the whole thing at once. It's another reason why there ended up being fewer scans with each box.

It was a tough decision to make, but since I got fed up with most of the new product that is coming out, I figured that I would have more fun with this. Now instead of buying any new products, that money will go towards paying off whatever balance remains from the last case that I bought. Any profit that might come of this will go towards the next case which might end up being better than what I would normally get. I'm going into this knowing that most cases won't come close to paying for themselves.

Blogger's formatting is wonky, but when I'm posting live it is something that I can tweak right away and get it looking the way that I want. This is the first time that I looked at some posts that I had made and really didn't like the results. Then there was the typo in Jennie Finch's name which I caught and tried to fix at work which screwed up the formatting for that particular post.

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