Thursday, January 6, 2011

Case Break: 2009-10 UD Basketball Draft Edition: Box 2


This is one of the more interesting cards in the set.  Tom Bosley was a huge part of Americana as Mr. Cunningham on Happy Days.  While people may have chuckled or been upset with pulling an autographed version of this card when the set was first released (and I saw it happen in one box break video), this is now a much more sought after card due to Mr. Bosley passing away this past October.


Here’s one of the better School Ties cards and that’s based solely on Kevin Durant since Connor Atchley has played exclusively in the developmental league since leaving school.  Luckily, I did not pull this dual signed card as my case hit.  Which card did I pull?  Stay tuned to find out.


Here’s Chris Paul’s card from the Tournament Titans insert set.  I would think that a titan would be able to carry a team further than the Sweet Sixteen, but Upper Deck’s definition of a titan seems to differ from mine.

Many of these insert sets look like cards out of the Panini design book.  They’ve got large areas on the card set aside for the autographed version of the card making the base cards look terrible.  Do people really care about college jersey numbers or a giant “Titans” logo?  I know I don’t.


Here’s the next batch of base autos.  Rasheem Barrett /499, James Johnson /499 and Darren Collison /499.  Collison has one of those autographs that just makes you want to smack some sense into him.  I hope that he only does that on stickers and doesn’t try it when he’s signing things in front of actual people.

Auto249 The final autograph in the box is of Jeff Teague and it is numbered to 249.  Teague was drafted by the Hawks with the 19th pick in the 2009 Draft and is currently still with the team.  He averaged 3.2 PPG in his rookie season and is up to 4.2 PPG this year.

This box didn’t contain a redemption card which seemed to fall around one in every other box.


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