Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2009/10 Draft Case Update

Dave and Adam’s Card World posted my Jordan auto pulled in their blog today.  I’m not sure if I ever posted where I purchased this case from, but it was from them.  They’re often overlooked in favor of Blowout, but their prices have been getting more and more competitive and the free packs that they throw in are fun to open.  I’ve pulled some decent hits out of them including a sketch card and a Jason Bay jersey auto.

I’ve got a webcam coming for future breaks so that you can actually see the cards and don’t have to stare at my mug for 15 minutes.  I figure that it could very possibly pay for itself since a few of the retailers out there offer a discount on prices if you’re going to post a video break and mention their site.  It also helps that I got a pretty hefty discount on the cam through work.  It’ll most likely get here long before I’m able to order the next case so I’ll have some time to play around with it and get ready for a big break.

I posted the first items up on eBay and have the first sales to report:

  • I did some research on where to list the autographs and put the Ricky Rubio up at $25.00 where it consistently sells which it did within a day.
  • The Curry/Rubio/Harden parallel had some bidding action in the final minute and finished up at $8.51.
  • The same can be said of the Gerald Henderson autographed card that was numbered to his jersey number.  That card finished at $9.00 even.
  • A James Jones auto numbered to 99 went for a whopping .99¢ which means that it is probably not worth listing the base version on eBay.
  • A Darren Collison autographed card numbered to 499 went for $1.78.
  • Singles from the set don’t look like they’re going to sell on eBay at all. I may try COMC and SportLots for those.  I did sell a lot of five Ricky Rubios for .99¢, but I don’t think I’ll do that again.

Items that didn’t sell:

  • The Kevin Durant blue parallel got no action with a starting bid of .99¢ which surprised me. That one will definitely be headed to COMC unless someone wants to make a trade for it.  (Just checked, COMC isn’t worth it. There’s plenty of each base card and they’re all listed for .18¢.)
  • Other cards that didn’t get any bids with a starting price of .99¢ were an Austin Daye auto /499, Sam Young auto /999 and a lot consisting of one card each of Curry, Flynn and Rubio along with the draft insert card featuring those three.

Items that are still listed:

  • Base set for $10. I just dropped it to $8, but until I get something cheaper to ship the set in, I can’t go any lower.  Once you factor in the eBay fee, PayPal fee and the fact that the plastic cases I have them in cost me a buck each there’s not much wiggle room.  Future case purchases will have to be accompanied by cases of supplies as well.
  • Stephen Curry base card for .99¢.  The shipping for this kills it even though it’s only $2.22.
  • Jonny Flynn auto /149 for $25.  Did some more research and that price was too high.  The card is now listed for $15.
  • Stephen Curry auto /249 for $30.  This is slightly higher than where one sold for the other day, but I’m in no rush to drop the price on this card.  There are four people watching it at the moment.  The only frustrating this is that no one has made an offer on it.

So, that’s just under $50 and I’ve only sold one of the four big autographs from the case.  I’d like to be able to clear $5 a set on the case set after fees and expenses, but I don’t know if that’s going to be possible.  I might have to wait for something along the lines of a yard sale to sell a couple of those. Anyone out there want to trade for a set?  It’s not a bad set, but it does suffer from the lack of three of the top four rookies from that year.


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