Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why Sticker Autos Suck

Or: Sometimes Things Go Your Way

Last week, I made a trip to the local (to work) card shop during my lunch break to scratch a wax busting itch.  The only new thing there that caught my eye was the new Bowman Chrome Draft Picks and Prospects.  I was hesitant at first because of both the Bowman overkill and the Chrome Warp.  (Let’s do the Chrome Warp again!)  It looks like the warping of the Chrome cards is fixed for the most part in this release so that’s a relief.  The fact that there’s two Red Sox draft picks that I’m looking for in this set got me to purchase packs from yet another 2010 Bowman set.


I’m glad that I purchased those packs because I pulled this beauty.  Here’s my first Bryce Brentz card and it’s an autographed one to boot.  It’s always nice when you pull an autograph out of loose packs, but when it is of someone that you are going to add to your collection, it’s so much better.

Look at that big, beautiful signature.  Do you think that would fit on a tiny little sticker?  Hell no.  That’s the main reason that I’m a fan of on-card autographs.  It doesn’t matter that much to me if the athlete touched the card or the sticker as long as it really is his autograph.

I’ve seen Brentz’ autograph on Panini stickers and it doesn’t look anywhere near this nice.  It won’t look this nice when Topps slaps labels on next year’s Pro Debut sets.  It will only look this nice when there’s plenty of space for the signature.

This was the only Brentz card that I pulled, but I’m looking for more.  If anyone out there pulls any cards of Brentz or BoSox draft pick Kolbrin Vitek, I’d be more than willing to send some cool stuff your way for it.


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