Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Box Break: 2009-10 Panini Basketball Hall of Fame

Call me glutton for punishment, but I opened another box of Panini Hall of Fame because I can’t afford things like $300 boxes of 2007-08 Upper Deck Chronology.  More of the same:

AdmiralPraiseBase cards (numbered to 599): Rick Barry, Moses Malone, Andy Phillip and Ed Diddle

Black borders (numbered to 199): Bob Knight and Clyde Lovellette

Inserts: Clyde Drexler Dream Team (065/349) and David Robinson High Praise (127/399)

Autos: Nancy Lieberman (174/496) and a redemption card for Cheryl Miller (/499)

Jersey: Scotty Pippen Dream Team jersey (819/875)

So, out of four boxes of this product here’s the breakdown of some of the stuff that I’ve gotten:

  • Scotty Pippen Dream Team jersey cards: 3 out of 4
  • Autograph redemption cards: one in 3 out of 4 boxes. 3 out of 8 total autographs
  • Male/Female ratio of autographs: 4/4
  • Duplicate autographs that I’ve received: Pat Summitt and Harry Gallatin
  • Base card duplicates: Dolph Schayes and Buddy Jeannette (black border)

Lieberman auto I’ve really beat the odds in a bad way with this product.  I purchased two more boxes (from Dave and Adam’s this time instead of Blowout) and those will make or break my opinion of this product.  I’m not looking for a Larry Bird auto patch card numbered to 5, just something other than the same cards that I keep pulling over and over again.  I hate the fact that Scotty Pippen seems to have sold Panini twice as many of his USA jerseys as the rest of the team.  I also think that I hate the fact that Panini has destroyed these historic jerseys.  I also hate the fact that a piece of these historic jerseys can sell for as low as $8 on eBay.



Fuji said...

Jersey cards... I totally understand your frustration of them cutting up historical jersey like these Team USA cards. I wonder how many different Team USA jerseys each player had. Anyways... at least one of your dupe autos was Pat Summitt... damn that woman can coach. Happy New Year!

Offy said...

Yeah, the Summitt was an excellent card. I sold the second one for almost enough to pay for another box. Now I just have to hope that the one for my collection shows up in my mailbox some day.

Play at the Plate said...

I understand the addiction. Nice Lieberman auto too.

Offy said...

The only way that I'll touch any of this stuff from this point on is if I can pick up a case of it, but at 15 boxes per case it's very expensive even with the boxes going for less than half of the MSRP. I've got an entertaining blog post in my head to put together for this set and hopefully it comes out as well in execution as it does in my head.

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