Thursday, December 30, 2010

Box Breaks: 2010 Rittenhouse Justice League of America Archives

BaseI’m behind on box breaks so I’m going to do the new few a little more quickly than I normally would.  I didn’t pull anything significant or I would have rushed it right to the site.

I got a box of Justice League of America Archives when there was a big sale on them.  Wow, these base cards are terrible.  The front is an image from a Justice League comic.  All that’s on the back is the cover from that issue and the issue’s number and date of publication.  That’s it.  Nothing about the story or a character or anything of that sort.  Nowhere near as good as the Marvel sets that Rittenhouse has produced.








The insert sets are a lot of fun though.  If only you got more of them in a box.  I got three of the Super Friends insert cards including the pictured Apache Chief along with The Flash and Batman.  I have two of the Other Earths cards: the pictures Owlman and Johnny Quick.  You only get one JLA membership card and I got the Big Blue Boy Scout.


These days, non-sports sets are all about sketch cards.  I pulled a Green Arrow sketch card drawn by Dezi Sienty.  It’s an interesting sketch of a character that was brought to new heights of popularity when Kevin Smith took over writing his title for a year.  Smith is extremely popular, but Sienty… not so much.  That’s the chance you take when you buy these boxes just like any other boxes.  I just wish that I had seen the base cards before buying this box because I may have passed on this set.  It really seems like DC mailed it in on this one.


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