Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Winner Is Me

Sorry for all of the eBay posts recently, but I've been having a pretty good streak of luck there lately.  I'm pretty sure that this card continues the streak.  Honestly, I'm completely shocked that I won this card given the low bid that I placed on it, but it held up and the card is now mine.

The nice thing about this time of year is that there's plenty of overtime opportunities at work and it's nice to reward yourself after a little extra work with something nice for the collection.  Want to see what it is?  Check this out.  There's part of me that thinks it has to be fake or creased down the middle for it to sell for what it did.  It's not exactly on-card like I wanted, but it is close enough.

Wow, this is a huge addition to my collection and something that I've been hunting for for a while now.  I was actually 2 feet away from Piazza and an in-person autograph at one of the Pepsi Softball Challenges, but I couldn't bring it upon myself to shove little kids out of the way for an auto.  I couldn't be that guy.  When I saw many of those kids selling their autographs to adults or getting money in return for getting the signature for them, I wish I could have been that guy, but it still wouldn't have been worth it.

This, this makes all of it worth it.  All of the waiting and passing up other cards and opportunities.  While I've only ever purchased one pack (and pulled a Ken Griffey signed bat card), I've grown to love Sweet Spot and have tracked down a bunch of the Dwight Evans cards (and need to hit the lottery before this auction ends.)  This card is going to make an excellent addition to the collection.

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