Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Mini Contest

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for a little help in getting readership back up to where it was at the old site.  Between a lack of posts and then changing to the new site, readership has trailed off and I’d like to get it back up again.  This isn’t the type of contest that’s going to bring all kinds of new readers to the blog and that’s not what I’m trying to do there.  That will be another contest for another time.  I’m just looking to make sure that everyone that was reading is still reading and have a little fun whilst sending some stuff out to those people.  (New readers will, of course, be welcomed with open arms and welcome to participate in everything.)

There are six ways to earn entries to this contest.  Everything will be done in this post with the exception final method of entry.

  1. Follow the blog.  If you like it, please follow it.  If not, then don’t.  There are plenty of other ways to obtain entries so please don’t feel obligated to click the follow button.
  2. Add Sports Syzygy to your Blogroll.  Also, if you notice that your blog isn’t in mine, let me know and I will add it.
  3. Feedback on the new site. I know there weren’t huge changes, but what do you think of the new blog.  I’m interested in things like the look, name, theme, etc.
  4. Feedback on my box break videos. What do you think of box break videos and how do you like mine in comparison? I’m definitely not looking for blind praise.  How can I make these better.  I dug out an old mic to try and address the issue with my voice being so soft.  I may add a webcam to my Christmas list if people are enjoying these since it will improve the quality greatly over using the built-in iSight cam.
  5. Feedback in general. What do I do on this blog that you like?  What do you dislike?  How can I improve things?  Are posts too image heavy?  Do you like/dislike having inline images rather than images between paragraphs?
  6. Follow sportssyzygy on Twitter.  I’ll pull the list of followers from there and add them to the mix.

To make things a little easier on me, try to put as many of the first five entries into one post as you can.  This will be open until next Sunday at the very least so you’ve got plenty of time.  Just post that you’ve completed the first two, if you have, and then put your feedback in that same post.

I’m going to have a random drawing for each of the methods of entry as well as one big final drawing from all of the entries.  You can only win once to ensure that things get spread around as much as possible.  There wouldn’t be any benefit to winning multiple times anyway.  Each of the seven winners will receive a nice stack of cards consisting of their favorite player(s) and team(s).  I’ve been busting a lot of stuff lately and need to send some of it away.  There may be some fun surprises in there as well.  Once this contest is done, I’ll be posting a lot of trade bait from what’s left over so stay tuned for that.

P.S. For those of you with basketball card blogs, if you could mention this blog to some of the other hoops bloggers out there it would be greatly appreciated.  With less people interested, the hoops stuff piles up ever more than the baseball stuff.  I’ve got all kinds of fun stuff there to trade and send off to better homes.

Thanks to everyone!


Anonymous said...

do you have wax packs?

Offy said...

It depends, are you looking for Delsie rookie cards?

BA Benny said...

I am a follower and have you on my blogrolls on both my blogs. You have my Buffet blog on yours and if you could add my Pack Rip Cafe, I would appreciate it too. As for your new set up here, I like it. I love the header picture, the layout is good, and the inline images look great. The box breaks are good but a web cam may be the way to go. I got one for somewhere around $25 and it is way easy to use and gives a great picture for showing off cards. A little more color may pep the layout a little more but overall things look great. Your writing has always been good and here is no exception. There is my 2 cents. I don't twitter so I guess 5 out of 6 will be it.

Offy said...

I do have the Pack Rip Cafe in the blogroll, but it is currently set to only list the 25 most current posts. It'll jump to the top when you rip your next pack.

night owl said...

I'm following you every which way and you're on the blog roll. The new name is cool and the header is cool, otherwise I don't notice too much of a change. I'm not into basketball or wrestling and I don't have a lot of time for video-watching, so you're not going to grab me there. But I do like your baseball-related posts. I don't believe there's any such thing as a post that's too image heavy.

longlivethewho said...

Have you on my blogroll... and I do enjoy the videos and posts. However, I wouldn't mind a new angle for the videos... not that I don't enjoy seeing your handsome face, but I would like to see the cards better.

Fuji said...

Great blog... I enjoyed seeing your trifecta (looking forward to future trifectas). Now... getting on with business:

1. I'm following

2. I added you to my blogroll (on the leftside... under My Blog List)... if interested, you can add my blog to yours: The Chronicles of Fuji

3. As for feedback on the site... I'm a big fan of having the blog suit the individual's personality... and although I'm not a big fan of the New England teams... you have a cool header.

4. I enjoyed watching your WWE box break video... the only thing I'd add is a box break recap of the major hits... or your favorite cards. Oh... and maybe have the camera zoomed out a little, so you can see the busting of the packs.

5. As for your posts... my favorite was no doubt the trifecta. However... your box breaks and eBay recaps are cool too. No complaints on too many pictures... lol... have you seen some of my posts? Sometimes I go buck wild on pics.

6. Following you on twitter ;-) Although... I'll be honest, I never read my Twitter stuff... nor do I ever post anything.

Section 36 said...

1. I have been a follower already. A nice bonus of following is that it makes it easier to...
2. Add you to my blogroll. So, if you look, you'll find your site there.
3. I like the new site, although the Sox logo is in the wrong spot in your header. I loved the Piazza post.
4. I haven't seen any of your break videos. Nothing personal, I just don't usually watch them.
5. basically, all I ask of a blog is to tell me something I can't find elsewhere. Your site has done a great job of doing just that.
6. When I figure out why I'd want a twitter account, I'll be sure to follow you. Until then, however, I'll have to miss option 6.

Anonymous said...

hello, i have been following you for a while, you are on my blog list, i really enjoy the new site, i love the box breaks and i cant say much since i havent done one yet, but maybe show off some of the cards more?. the new header is rad but how bout some bruins love? i love the inline images, i wish i could do that. its awesome to have another fellow new england collector and resident? i think you have mentioned kenmore collectibles before, i go there sometimes since its close to me, i am following you on twitter as well

Offy said...

@longlivethewho - I'm definitely going to look into getting a webcam to improve the video content of the breaks. Right now I'm using the cam that's built into the computer so that's a little tough to change. I do definitely think that it needs to change.

@Fuji - I thought you were already on the list, but somehow it was overlooked. You're on there now and you've been in my Google Reader list for a while now.

Once I get a separate web cam and can focus more on the cards, I'll definitely do a recap at the end. I also want to make sure that I do some sort of non-video recap with the post for those who aren't going to watch.

Thanks for all of the replies so far. It's reinforcing some things that I was already thinking and have sparked some new ideas as well.

Offy said...

Joe - I just recently discovered your blog a little over a week ago because of the traffic I was getting from it. It is definitely great reading posts from other New England collectors. In fact, I think we may have gone to the same card show this past weekend.

Unfortunately, I'm not a hockey fan at all. I've tried watching, but it never captures my interest. Back in the 90s when I worked in a baseball card shop, I bought the cards and checked out the Bruins, but it still never caught on. Plus, they didn't win anything in the previous decade that I wrote about in the introductory post to this blog. They're the Pluto of my sports solar system.

I head to Kenmore Collectibles whenever I can. It's within walking distance of my job and a nice way to unwind at the end of the week. Peter is a great guy and I'll swing by there for supplies and to bust some packs. I wish that I could buy more there, but since my collecting budget is so limited I can't ignore the amazing deals you can get online these days. I love when I see that he's selling something for around $10 more than what you can get it for online because I'll run down there and grab it.

All feedback about the box breaks is welcome whether people have done them or not. Sometimes it is better to get it from people who haven't done them because they think their way is best. It's good to get a nice variety of what people would like to see in the videos.

Anonymous said...

we were indeed at the same show down in mansfield. its a nice show, i try to get to it as much as possible.

Steve D said...

1. I'm now following the blog.

2. Don't have a blog of my own.

3. I like the layout of new blog. You've definitely got one of the best headers out there. I also like that you kept the wantlist feature. I love digging through my cards to find matches (unfortunately I only have 1 card you need - Eric Davis 1994 Pinnacle #388)

4. I'm honestly not the biggest fan of box break videos. I prefer pics/scans of the highlights or a list. It just saves me time.

5. As I said, I like what I've seen from the blog. I just discovered the blogosphere this summer and have been addicted to it since despite not having one of my own. I saw your old site at a time when you weren't updating it much, so I'm glad to see some of the great things you write about here. Big fan of that Piazza post as a Met fan.

6. No twitter for me.

Offy said...

Steve - I've got an updated wantlist that I'll be posting in the near future. Hopefully when I get some downtime at the end of this busy weekend.

AdamE said...

I'm now following and you have been added to my blogroll.

Love the banner. Hopefully though when it is baseball season the Sox symbol comes to the front.

I can't do any more of the stuff you requested because I don't watch box breaks and I don't Twitter.

Offy said...


I don't know if a celestial shift is in the works. The Celtics are my favorite local team with the Sox a close second.

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